Annual NFL Awards

Our best commenter, Michael, has again requested a post. That was two weeks ago, so it’s about time I put it up. It won’t be as in depth as I had originally intended, but this is it. Here is a list of the major awards given out on a yearly basis in the NFL with my picks for who should win each for the 2008 season:

League MVP: Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts – Bouncing back from two offseason knee surgeries, Peyton put this team on his back. With a basically non existent defense that was ranked 22nd in yards per game, and 24th in rushing yards per game, and a rushing offense that ranked dead last in the league in yards per carry, second to last in yards per game, and only had 5 runs of 20+ yards all year and none of 40+, both are also stats that they rank last in the league in. The Colts started out 3-4, Peyton led the team on a nine game winning streak to finish 12-4 without a running game that would help keep defenses honest, and without a reliable defense.

Offensive Player of the Year: Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis Colts – He’s good.

Defensive Player of the Year: Albert Haynesworth, DT, Tennessee Titans or James Harrison, OLB, Pittsburgh Steelers – I really can’t decide between these two. Haynesworth is arguably the most dominant individual in all of football, but Harrison is a sack machine, setting a franchise record with 16. It’ll be interesting to see who actually wins it. Both are certainly deserving.

Offensive Rookie of the Year: Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons – He already won it.

Defensive Rookie of the Year – Jerod Mayo, ILB, New England Patriots – His 128 tackles, 100 of which were solo, puts him miles ahead of all other rookies, and his 100 solo tackles is the fifth most in the league among all players, not just rookies. (Update: Jerod Mayo did end up winning this award.)

Comeback Player of the Year: Kurt Warner, QB, Arizona Cardinals – Warner threw for 4,583 yards and 30 touchdowns to go along with his 67.1 completions percentage and 96.9 passer rating. He hasn’t thrown for 4,000+ yards, 30+ TDs, 67+ completion percentage or a 90+ passer rating since his 2001 year with the Rams, when he was a part of one of the best offenses in NFL history. (Update: Chad Pennington, QB, Miami Dolphins won the Comeback Player of the Year Award.)

Coach of the Year – Tony Sparano, Miami Dolphins – He took the Dolphins from being a 1-15 team last year to an 11-5, AFC East winning, 3rd seed in the playoffs team.

Cheerleader of the Year – Erica, Houston TexansShe cheers. Abigail of the Dallas Cowboys was a close second.

These aren’t all of the awards, but they are the main ones and yes, I realize that Matt Ryan has already won offensive rookie of the year in a land slide. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.

4 Responses

  1. As much as I hate to say it what about Ware from the Cowboys? Statistically he is more impressive than Haynesworth. He has more tackles, sacks, forced fumbles, and passes deflected. Harrison has more tackles and forced fumbles but less sacks. I mean Ware was one of the bright spots on a team filled with drama and underachievers. I think for the award he needs to be mentioned.

    On the offensive side of the ball, I hate this guy as well but what about Phillip Rivers? More touchdowns, more yards, less interceptions, better QB rating, and more plays over 20 yards or more all while averaging 5 less attempts per game than Manning.

    As for the league MVP , Manning is a solid choice as always, but what about Michael Turner, Drew Brees, Chad Pennington, and Matt Cassel? Each of them can make a strong case.
    Ryan would not have had close to the season he had if it wasn’t for Michael Turner running the ball. The Falcons have not had a dominating running back in a long time. I would say since the 98 season.
    The Saints weren’t much this year but think of how bad they might have been if they didn’t have Brees throwing the ball for 5000 yards and 34 TDs.
    Chad Pennington lead the Fins to the playoffs one year after the Fins almost were the 08 Lions. To me that says a lot.
    Matt Cassel stepped into one of the hardest roles of football this year and made a name for himself and gave his team a chance.

  2. Bryan actually said the same thing about DeMarcus Ware after he first read my post and what I told him is that I just don’t really see him being the one to win the award. Third on my list behind Haynesworth and Harrison is actually Troy Polamalu. I know, it’s crazy that two of my top three candidates are from the same team, but they did have the best defense in the league this year and by a pretty significant margin. Ware had a phenomenal year, any year that includes 20+ sacks should be considered such, but I just don’t see him being the one to win it. DTs don’t usually compile a whole lot of stats, but among Haynesworth’s 8.5 sacks is the most in the league among DTs. It’s much easier to compare Harrison and Ware because they are both OLBs, and I just feel that Harrison had a bigger impact from game to game. He had more total tackles, INTs, PDefs, and forced fumbles. I don’t really feel like offensive coordinators had to adjust their game plan as much because of Ware as the would have had to for Harrison.

    I definitely see what you’re saying about Rivers. I hate him and hit antics, but he has put up very impressive numbers this year. I think they key here however is that he’s not the most valuable player. Even though Ladanian Tomlinson had an off year, defenses still had to respect him. And Rivers didn’t really put the team on his shoulders like Peyton did. There are a lot of players I could make arguments for this year, so I just went with the one that I want to win it, lol.

    I’m not real sure how we’re defining ‘dominant’ but Warrick Dunn had back-to-back-to-back 1000+ yards seasons fromk 2004 to 2006. But I do agree that Ryan wouldn’t have been near as successful this year without Turner.

    I think there could actually be a strong argument made for Pennington being comeback player of the year. I wasn’t really sure who to put for that one so I just gave it to Warner because he came to mind… I actually originally wrote this post without any reasoning for my picks and without looking up any stats or anything, but then I posted it and Bryan said I should add reasons to it, and so then I went back and found stuff to back up my picks but didn’t actually change any… It’ll be interesting to see what happens… I think the one I’m the most confident with is DROY going to Mayo, just because i have absolutely no idea who else it would go to, lol.

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