Can you say karma?

By now most of you know how much of a boiling hatred I have for the new england patriots. I remember practically dancing while I wrote this post and making Bryan write this post because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it in a non-biased way. At this point you might be asking yourself “what could he possibly have to complain about with respect to the patriots now? They failed to make the playoffs and they lost to the Colts this year. He should be happy” and my response to you is that I am happy, but I read something that made me even happier.

Let me explain. The reason that the patriots aren’t my most hated team in all of sports is solely because the florida gators exist, and if tom brady isn’t my most hated athlete in all of sports it’s only because timmy tebow exists. So when I found out that the recovery process from  the week one injury to shady brady’s knee was rumored to be “well behind schedule” I felt like singing. I read several articles from credible sources about this recent news and most said that it looks like a second surgery will likely be required to help repare the torn ACL and MCL. A second surgery this early after the first is inadvisable. Having a second surgery of this kind too much later than now means that returning at all for the 2009 season would be very doubtful.

Next you’re going to tell me that it turns out Giselle Bundchen does not want to marry him! Oh, that’s true too?

That’s karma for you.

To read more about these recent developments check out these links:


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