Woodson vs. Berry

I decided to take a quick break from my finals preparation and look up some statistics.  What I found was kind of interesting.  You be the judge:

Charles Woodson 1997 vs. Eric Berry 2008
8 Interceptions 7
7 INT Return Yards 265
0 INT TDs 2
27 Solo tackles 72
5 Tackles for Loss 8.5
1 Sacks 3
9 Passes Defenced 6
0 Forced Fumbles 0
0 Fumble Recoveries 1

I realize that Berry is a Safety and Woodson is a Cornerback, but they’re in the same category for the Thorpe Award so I feel they’re comparable enough.

Also, Woodson did return punts and averaged about 8 yards per return and had a TD.  He also had 12 receptions and 3 TDs on offense.  Both had a negligible number of rushing yards.

I hate the Heisman.


5 Responses

  1. A) It is hard to compare a corner and a safety in some of those statistics. A Safety should always have more tackles, more chances at blitzing which means more sack chances, and are usually much harder hitting than corners which allows for more fumble opportunities.

    B) Berry played for an underachieving team that couldn’t beat Wyoming. It is hard to get attention when you can’t win.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment, Michael.

    As far as comparing them statistically, I know they’re different positions, but they’re lumped together for awards like the Thorpe and the Heisman, so I thought it was fair to present their stats. Woodson had something like 50 and 60 tackles his Fr and Soph. years, so 27 is a far cry from that.

    B) I completely agree with you on this point. I hate it, but I agree. It’s an individual award, it should just be awarded on individual play. Tennessee’s defense was ranked something like 6th nationally and their offense was 100+. Not much Berry could have done about that.

  3. I agree with you that Berry should be recognized based on individual ability but when have sports not been political? Those stats from the offense side of the ball help out Woodson a lot as well. It shows he has the ability to be a playmaker on both sides of the ball. Berry very well may have that potential but it seems he wasn’t given the opportunity.

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  5. woodson had to play both ways to win the heisman and yet had controverses at the time,i don´t understand the cryteria .i think the heisman should be named , Best RB or QB nowadays

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