Woodson vs. Berry

I decided to take a quick break from my finals preparation and look up some statistics.  What I found was kind of interesting.  You be the judge:

Charles Woodson 1997 vs. Eric Berry 2008
8 Interceptions 7
7 INT Return Yards 265
0 INT TDs 2
27 Solo tackles 72
5 Tackles for Loss 8.5
1 Sacks 3
9 Passes Defenced 6
0 Forced Fumbles 0
0 Fumble Recoveries 1

I realize that Berry is a Safety and Woodson is a Cornerback, but they’re in the same category for the Thorpe Award so I feel they’re comparable enough.

Also, Woodson did return punts and averaged about 8 yards per return and had a TD.  He also had 12 receptions and 3 TDs on offense.  Both had a negligible number of rushing yards.

I hate the Heisman.


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