The Obligatory Heisman Post

They’re going to announce the 2008 Heisman winner in a couple minutes.  For the record, I hate the Heisman and any other college football award.  I think they’re a sham and they rarely get it right.  (See 1997 Heisman and 2008 Thorpe Award)  I still can’t help but watch these things anyway.

My ballot would look like this:

  1. Sam Bradford
  2. Colt McCoy
  3. Tim Tebow

I think Bradford will win, just for the media blitz that they can make for the National Championship game; but it’s possible that McCoy and Bradford will split their votes allowing Tebow to win it.  Now, you can call me biased, I freely admit that and Tim Tebow is a great player, but he doesn’t deserve this year’s award.  The only stat that really jumps out at me for him is the two interceptions.  That’s pretty incredible, but still doesn’t warrant a(nother) Heisman.

Since Bradford was the best player on the best offense that college football has ever seen, this year’s award is a no-brainer for me.  He threw for 48 TDs, which is a pretty crazy number.  (I didn’t realize this went until 8:00 CST, I thought they were announcing it at 7:30.  I’m kind of disappointed that I have to watch this for 30 more minutes.)

Since I have the time, I guess I’ll give my take on the Graham Harrell snub.  I don’t care if the guy is going to finish a distant 4th; he absolutely deserved an invitation to this presentation.  I don’t understand who it would have hurt to buy a plane ticket for a kid and his parents and give them one of the best experiences of their lifetime.  Plus, he had similar stats to Sam Bradford, he’s just seen as a system Quarterback and that hurts him.  It’s a shame that the Downtown Athletic Club has messed something up again.

I’m going to refrain from giving a whole bunch of statistics (that’s Weller’s job) so I’ll go ahead and publish this and update it as soon as they announce the winner.  I just hope they get it right this year.

I’ll bet it finishes Bradford, Tebow, McCoy.

Update: The Heisman guy is talking…no one is really listening.  Now he gets to it…Sam Bradford wins.  All you can hear is the guy in the back yelling “Boomer!”  That’s kind of funny.   Good to see Bradford win; he deserved it.  Be ready for the Bradford vs. Tebow media crush.  No one is going to hear anything about any of the other players on either team on the lead-up to the National Championship Game.  Oh well.  Go Sooners.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for the linkage, fellas!

  2. No problem, you tend to say things better than we do anyway.

  3. Probably the most interesting piece of info from the Heisman Award Conf. is that Tebow wasn’t on the ballot in the southwest. So if Tebow actually was on all the ballots, do you think he makes up the 151 votes to win?

  4. Thanks again for the comment,

    I don’t think your information about him not being on the ballot is accurate. The voters fill out their own ballot, but they only vote for the top 3. This means that some voters, mainly in the Southwest and Far West regions, had a ballot consisting of Bradford-McCoy-Harrell/Crabtree, etc. Honestly, I can’t argue that they shouldn’t have done that.

    Tebow got 184 in the SW and 212 in the FW. Bradford had 360 and 279 in those regions, respectively.

    Bradford was listed on a total of 811 ballots, Tebow 750. Had Tebow been switched to third place on the 61 ballots where he was left off, he would still be behind Bradford by 90 points and behind McCoy by 4 (assuming McCoy’s votes don’t change, he was only on 784 ballots total).

    I used all the stats from:

  5. I was just quoting what I heard on ESPN as I was watching the award presentation. My question is why should the top three change from region to region? I mean if the south was to take off McCoy or Bradford off the ballots, we would never hear the end of the whining from Stoops and Brown. The top 3 should be the top 3.

  6. I don’t suppose the top three SHOULD change from region to region, but when you have humans voting, those biases come into effect. Tebow blew the field away in the South, which, judging by the rest of the vote, he shouldn’t have.

    I think what you’re suggesting is only giving people a top 3 and letting them go from there? That way they would only have Bradford, McCoy, and Tebow? I suppose you could do that, rarely is it so close that the fourth place person couldn’t be left off the ballot. I don’t think that will ever happen, people won’t change their way of doing things and it will open a whole separate can of worms. Plus, if you ever DO get that year where there are 4 outstanding players and it’s too close to call, then you can’t leave one off the ballot. (I spot checked a few results at, 2001 was the closest I found, Crouch won with 770 points, Joey Harrington was 4th with 364.)

    I guess it’s also worth noting that this year’s ballot received 90.4 percent of the votes for the top 3. That’s the most ever.

    I definitely see what you’re saying, I just doubt they’ll ever change the way it’s done.

    Loving the comments, keep em coming.

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