2008 NCAA Football Playoff

I thought that at this point tonight I’d be putting up predictions for the Bowl Games. However I had the sudden idea that I would rather put together a playoff system. I threw this together relatively quickly so I didn’t quite think it through as thoroughly as I might have otherwise. What I did to set up my playoff is I simply took the final BCS Top 25 and made a 25 team bracket, with a play-in-game between the 24th and 25th ranked teams and then I gave the top 8 teams a bye round. I threw it all together by making a bracket with microsoft paint, and due to issues unknown to me the bracket is a little fuzzy, but it’s still readable and this is what it looks like.


Do you prefer the BCS or a playoff system? Let us know.

One Response

  1. Are you going to play out any of these games?

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