Lane Kiffin!

This is the first post-Thanksgiving post, and there’s been some (one specifically) big things that have happened in my world of sports since the last post. So let’s get down to it.

As most of you will know by now the University of Tennessee has confirmed that they will be introducing Lane Kiffin as the football team’s head coach on Monday. I am absolutely pumped about this. Many (or at least some) of you know that I have had Kiffin as #1 on my list for Phil Fulmer’s replacement since I read the fabulous piece written by The Ghost of Neyland, over at 3SIB. Bryan and I were actually on a duck boat, touring Chattanooga when Bryan received a text message informing him that Kiffin had been named the next head football coach at the University of Tennessee. When Bryan told me, I had to exercise every ounce of self control I could to not jump up and down, which would have probably ended with me falling into the Tennessee River.

Kiffin is only 33 years old. He’s young and he’s a great recruiter. During his time at USC, while serving as the offensive coordinator and recruiting coordinator he had back-to-back-to-back years hauling in the best recruiting classes in the nation. Kiffin is already exercising those recruiting skills. Just this morning he called Jarvis Giles, who was one of Tennessee’s biggest commitments until he decommited shortly after it was announced that Fulmer would not be returning next year. Giles has made it sound like he would likely recommit to Tennessee if running backs coach, Stan Drayton, kept his job.

However there may also be another reason for Giles to change his mind, and recommit to Tennessee. Multiple media sources have reported that David Reaves, quarterbacks coach, recruiting coordinator for the University of South Carolina and brother-in-law to Kiffin will be joining Kiffin’s staff at Tennessee. Giles said that he is close with Reaves. Giles also said that he had heard good things about Kiffin. It also appears that Lane Kiffin, who is known as being an offensive-minded coach will be bringing in his father, Monte Kiffin, to take over as defensive coordinator. Monte Kiffin is currently the defensive coordinator for the 9-3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and is considered one of the best defensive coaches in the business.

Lane Kiffin is coming in, making changes and giving the program a makeover and I like it. That’s what needs to happen and I love the way he’s doing it. He’s bringing in a top notch NFL defensive coordinator, bringing in a coach who was the recruiting coordinator for an SEC East opponent who has experience with competing with the other SEC teams for recruits, and he’s started hitting the recruiting trail himself. I don’t know what else I could possibly ask of someone who hasn’t even been officially introduced as the head coach yet.

Well, I guess there is one other thing I could ask for. The University consulted Tennessee-great, Peyton Manning on hiring Kiffin. Peyton Manning gave his approval. If Peyton Manning approves, then who am I not to approve?

Go Vols!

10 Responses

  1. If you like Kiffin, I like him. Is he good looking? If the answer is yes… is he single?


  2. Hopefully, life at Tennessee will once again be good.

  3. Erin, from the reaction of my female family members, you probably won’t be the only female to really like Lane Kiffin haha. And his wife isn’t too bad to look at for us fellas!

  4. Nice post on Coach Kiffin. I missed his news conference on ESPN at noon today. Hope to catch a replay later.

    I’ve been a big Coach Fulmer fan for many years. Hated to see him go out like this but I’m very pleased that he and his seniors put another whuppin’ on Kentucky last Saturday. He deserved to go out with a win.

    Changing coaches at Tennessee is a rarity. My expectation and great hope is that our new coach will be around for a couple of decades as well. He’s a winner. It may take a couple of solid recruiting classes, but I’m confident he’ll have our beloved Vols back on the national scene in short order.

    GO VOLS!

  5. I consider Phil Fulmer a great Coach but over the past few years it was evident he had become an administrator and not an active participant in the coaching process. When Dave Cutcliff was onboard he won and when Cut was off coaching Eli and now off to Duke, Phil couldn’t buy a winning season. Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton is a Sports marketing genius who understands the tremendous opportunity Tennessee has to upgrade the program into a top tier program. He has upgraded Tennessee sports across the board with hires like Bruce Pearl who was an unknown. Even though he is young Kiffin has the pedigree necessary to be the new blood needed to turbo charge the Vols for the next decade.

  6. Eric, I love the comment. That added a whole new level of insight into this hire. I especially liked the thought on how he brought in Bruce Pearl, which has obviously been a great move. I’m very excited about Kiffin and am anxious to see how things play out. Thanks again for the comment. Your thoughts are always welcome here.

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    • Hey Nature Vet! Welcome to WaB. We always enjoy having comments from new people. What exactly was your comment in response to?

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