A New Week Begins

Alright folks, after a short layoff to write papers and study for tests, we’re back to sports blogging.  I shouldn’t have bothered to study for the aforementioned exam.  It was about as much fun as jabbing a stick into my eye.  Or watching Tennessee play Wyoming in football.  Either one, really.

Anyway, because of school, I didn’t get to watch a whole lot of sports over the weekend.  I saw my Tigers lock up the Big 12 North division and I saw Texas destroy the chickenhawks from Kansas.  I’m also semi-aware of the NFL games from yesterday.  I know my Rams were destroyed by the now 3-7 49ers.  How did this team win two games?  I also know that Cincinnati and Philadelphia ended their game in a 13-13 tie. I don’t know what this does for playoff implications (if anything) but I’m sure Weller will break it down when he gets back from Denver.  (Yes, he’s still alive.)

Also, it was just announced that Albert Pujols won the NL MVP.  I realize I’ve never met the guy, but from all accounts, he seems like a saint.  I really like to see good people succeed.  Way to go, Albert.

dockellisNow, the real reason behind the post is a little article I found on Snopes.com a few minutes ago.  Now, some of your may already know about this, but if you’re like me, you weren’t around when the Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter against the San Diego Padres while under the influence of LSD.  This is just incredible to me.  I realize it happened 38 years ago and I’m just now hearing about it, but geez.  What seems unfair to me is that I don’t have enough talent to pitch a no-hitter in Little League while this guy can go out and take some LSD and throw a no-hitter against Major Leaguers.  Just…unfair.

Though, honestly, I don’t know where I should be critical of his performance or just really, really impressed.  I’ve never had any experience with LSD, but I can imagine it would be pretty difficult to operate under such circumstances.

Deadspin has an article about Mr. Ellis from about a year ago, as well.

I suppose it’s best summed up in the baseball classic, Bull Durham:  “He’s got a million dollar arm and a five cent head.”

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