For The Weekend

We’ve not been around since Tuesday and even that post wasn’t exactly sports news.  This time, however, we have good reason.  Since Monday Night Football, there haven’t been any sports on TV in my area.  I’ve seen two Blues games, a pres-season Mizzou basketball game against some DII team, and about 20 minutes of an MLS playoff between the Chicago Fire and New England Revolution.  That’s not to say there haven’t been some things happen, we just haven’t been able to see them (thank you NFL network.)

Last night was the first Thursday night football game since opening night and it was a great one.  The Browns were edged by the Broncos 34-30 in what would have been a great one to see.  Jay Cutler completed 24 of his 47 pass attempts for 447 yards, three touchdowns and an interception.  For the math challenged out there, that means he averaged 10.6 yards per attempt.  I don’t really know what average stats are in that category, but I do know that when you averaged a first down every time you throw the ball…it’s good.  Of course, when you throw a 93 yard touchdown pass (to Eddie Royal) it really helps your cause.

Also last night, Weller’s favorite kicker, Louie Sakoda, and Utah staged a comeback against TCU.  This game was on Versus or something, I don’t know, but I couldn’t see it.  Looks like Utah has an inside track to a BCS game.  We all remember what happened the last time the Utes got into one of those.

In other news, Kansas State has informed Ron Prince that he won’t be returning to his Head Coaching position next year.  A bald man in purple doesn’t quite illicit the same emotions as a fat man in orange so I don’t think this is worthy of its own post.  I have heard, though, that if you turn off the lights and spin around three times in front of a mirror saying “Ron Prince,” that this comes after you.  That may not be true, I’ve never tried.

Anyway, enjoy your Friday everyone.  Weller is making the short trip down I-70 to Columbia this weekend, so maybe he’ll put up his report from behind enemy lines at some point.

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