My NCAA Football Top 25 – Week 9

RK (LW) School Comment
1 1 Texas The Longhorns rolled through Oklahoma, Mizzou and Oklahoma St. If they beat Texas Tech this week, they should head into the Big 12 Championship game undefeated.
2 2 Alabama Alabama is running for an average of 205 yards per game, while only giving up 62 yards per game on the ground.
3 3 Pennsylvania St If these top three teams win out, it’ll be this Penn St team that misses out on the National Championship.
4 4 Oklahoma Oklahoma score 55 on Kansas St… in the first half.
5 7 Texas Tech Facing Texas this week won’t be easy, but if they win they will have finally proven themselves.
6 8 Georgia The Dawgs look to continue their hot streak with a win in Jacksonville this week.
7 5 Southern California The Trojans likelihood of making an appearance in the National Championship is getting slimmer and slimmer.
8 9 florida Go Georgia.
9 11 Utah The Utes need to beat TCU next week to keep hopes alive of being a BCS buster.
10 6 Oklahoma St. The Cowboys kept it close with Texas
11 13 Boise St. The Broncos should finish undefeated. Will it be enough to make a BCS Bowl?
12 15 TCU The Horned Frogs have outscored their last four opponents 140 to 28.
13 14 Missouri The Tigers should and need to win their next three games big (Baylor, K-State, Iowa St) to get some style points on their side.
14 10 Ohio St. Can the Buckeyes bounce back from their second loss of the season?
15 12 Louisiana St. Considering how much of a quarterback problem they had in the offseason, I think this team has done pretty well this year.
16 23 Florida St. The Seminole only allow 247 yards per game.
17 19 Tulsa The Golden Hurricane plays it’s first and only game against a team from a BCS conference this week, at Arkansas.
18 21 Ball St. The Cardinals are winning by an average of 22 points.
19 20 Brigham Young Next week the Cougars get San Diego St at home and the opportunity to break the school record for most home wins in a row at 18.
20 25 Minnesota Minnesota needs to beat Northwestern this week to stay in the top 20.
21 NR North Carolina Hakeem Nicks is a gamer. Four touchdown receptions in their win over Boston College.
22 NR Michigan St. The Spartans will bask in the glory of beating Michigan in the Big House for the first time since 1990.
23 17 South Florida In the last two years the Bulls are 3-4 in October and 12-2 in all other games.
24 28 Oregon The Ducks aren’t that good in the air (oddly enough) but they’re running for 279 yards per game and scoring 42 points per game because of it.
25 18 Georgia Tech The Yellow Jacket’s quarterback, Josh Nesbitt, did not look good against Virginia. Eight rushing yards on 12 attempts and only completing 7 passes.

Others to note:
26 NR Maryland
27 NR West Virginia
28 NR California
29 16 Pittsburgh
30 NR Connecticut

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Who can win? Who will win?

We’re in the full swing of football season, so let’s take a look at the teams who have a shot at winning the Super Bowl. I’m only going to take the teams with records above .500, so you won’t find the Colts, Saints, or Chargers on this list. I’ll give you one reason why they have a good shot at winning it all and one reason why they won’t.

New York Giants – 6-1, 1st place in the NFC East.

Why They Will: The Champs have given up only 115 points through their first 7 games, best in the NFC.

Why They Won’t: Their schedule gets much tougher starting with last week’s game against the Steelers. New York faces Dallas and Philadelphia twice, travels to Washington and Arizona, and gets Carolina at home.

Washington Redskins – 6-2, 2nd place in the NFC East.

Why They Will: The Skins have two very impressive wins already on their schedule, winning at Philadelphia and at Dallas in back to back weeks. This team has shown they can play in big games.

Why They Won’t: They play in the toughest division in football. Someone is going to be left out. They have a leg up right now, but several important games down the stretch will decide this race.

Dallas Cowboys – 5-3, 3rd place in the NFC East.

Why They Will: Only the Saints and Chargers have scored more points than this high-profile offense.

Why They Won’t: The Cowboys off the field problems have been well documented and beaten into the ground. Add that with Tony Romo’s injury and this team may not make the playoffs.

Philadelphia Eagles – 4-3, Last place in the NFC East.

Why They Will: Now that Brian Westbrook is healthy, this team becomes very dangerous in those important divisional games down the stretch.

Why They Won’t: Wins against Dallas and Washington are critical if this team hopes to make the playoffs.

Chicago Bears – 4-3, 1st place in the NFC North

Why They Will: This team has stayed relatively injury free and is fairly explosive on offense.

Why They Won’t: Kyle Orton is throwing the ball to Rashied Davis. How long can this last?

Green Bay Packers – 4-3, 2nd place in the NFC North

Why They Will: Their schedule lines up pretty well for a run to the division title. The two games against Chicago in Weeks 11 and 16 will be key.

Why They Won’t: This team only rushes for 101 ypg. That’s good for 23rd in the League. That needs to improve if they want to contend.

Carolina Panthers – 6-2, 1st place in the NFC South

Why They Will: Their defense is 9th in the league in Yards Per Game and 5th in the league in scoring defense.

Why They Won’t: I don’t know what to think about this entire division. Their offense is in the bottom half in yards per game and points per game.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 5-3, 2nd Place in the NFC South

Why They Will: They’ve only given up 120 points, which is fourth in the NFL.

Why They Won’t: This team has only scored 170 points, which is good for 21st in the NFL.

Atlanta Falcons – 4-3, 3rd Place in the NFC South

Why They Will: They’re 3rd in the league in rush yards per game. That’s really about all I can find.

Why They Won’t: They have a rookie QB. They’re in the bottom half in almost every statistical category. Only three receivers have caught TD passes with Roddy White accounting for 5 of the 8.

Arizona Cardinals – 4-3, 1st Place in the NFC West

Why They Will: They’re in a terrible division and have scored 200 points this year.

Why They Won’t: They’re not a good football team. Disband the West.

Buffalo Bills – 5-2, 1st Place in the AFC East

Why They Will: They have one of the easiest schedules I’ve seen so far.

Why They Won’t: They’re not in the top 10 in any statistical category while having played no one of real significance.

New England Patriots – 5-2, 2nd Place in the AFC East

Why They Will: I’ve said for years that the players on this team are good enough to win with a cardboard cut out at Quarterback. Now they’re actually trying it.

Why They Won’t: Injuries have hit this team hard. Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis started at running back last weekend.

New York Jets – 4-3, 3rd Place in the AFC East

Why They Will: They’re fourth in the league in rush yards allowed per game and 8th in the league in total points.

Why They Won’t: Brett Favre has thrown 11 INTs, including seven in this last three games. I know he’s the Golden Boy, but that needs to stop.

Pittsburgh Steelers – 5-2, 1st Place in the AFC North

Why They Will: The Steelers defense has been great. They’re first in the league in total defense, allowing only 236 yards per game.

Why They Won’t: Their offense is almost as stagnant as their defense is good. They’re 25th in total yards per game.

Baltimore Ravens – 4-3, 2nd Place in the AFC North

Why They Will: See Above. Their D is 2nd best, allowing only 242 yards per game.

Why They Won’t: See above. Their O is 24th best. Note: Figures these two went into Overtime when they played. They both hit directly on their averages in terms of total yards.

Tennessee Titans – 7-0, 1st Place in the AFC South

Why They Will: They have allowed a minuscule 87 points so far this year. That’s the best by a whopping 23 points.

Why They Won’t: They have yet to beat a team with a winning record so far this year except Baltimore.

Denver Broncos – 4-3, 1st Place in the AFC West

Why They Will: They’re second in total yards per game and third in passing yards per game.

Why They Won’t: They should be 3-4, and their 3 losses have looked bad: 41-7 at NE, 24-17 vs. Jax, and 33-19 at KC. That’s not good.

There you have it, quick look at why teams will and why they won’t win. Clearly this is not an all-inclusive list, but it’s got some interesting facts in it.

I guess there will be no World Series post tonight. Bud Selig has a nightmare on his hands.

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