My Preseason NCAA Basketball Top 25 (10/20)

Seeing as how the first college basketball games are exactly three weeks away, and we haven’t written a single post about NCAA basketball, I figured I should put one up. I first must admit that by no standards have I done a good job of following college basketball during the offseason. So try not to be too harsh in your judgement. I did do some research, and looked up some other people’s preseason top 25s. Because of this lack of knowledge and confidence in my own rankings, I’m not going to be providing comments or reasoning like I do with my NCAA football rankings, at least not for these preseason ones. Once the season gets underway, and I feel that I have comments interesting enough to share, then I’ll start including them. Until then, you get this:

RK (LW) School
1 26 Connecticut
2 3 North Carolina
3 6 Louisville
4 18 Pittsburgh
5 19 Notre Dame
6 16 Duke
7 4 UCLA
8 20 Purdue
9 31 Gonzaga
10 13 Michigan St
11 7 Tennessee
12 2 Memphis
13 NR Oklahoma
14 5 Texas
15 NR Wake Forest
16 21 Marquette
17 12 Georgetown
18 NR florida
19 NR Arizona St
20 24 Villanova
21 37 Miami
22 1 Kansas
23 38 USC
24 9 Davidson
25 34 UNLV

Others to note:
26 17 West Virginia
27 36 Ohio St.
28 NR Baylor
29 10 Wisconsin
30 NR Syracuse

Let me know what you think. Pick the team you think should be ranked #1, and if I don’t have the one you want listed, select “Other” and type in your own answer.


3 Responses

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  2. Just to throw it out there… my preseason top 4 teams are the four teams that just got 1-seeds in the tournament.

  3. Just to throw it out there… my preseason top 4 teams make up half of the Elite 8.

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