My 2008 NFL Prediction (10/14)

Last week after I put up my third mock draft, I was looking over it and realized there were some thing about it that I didn’t like. Because of this I decided that I would do another one this week. But in order to have an updated draft order, I needed to redo my NFL predictions as well. This time though, I won’t go as in depth on my explanations on how I did this.

North South East West
Steelers (13-3) Colts (12-4) Bills (12-4) Chargers (10-6)
Ravens (7-9) Titans (11-5) Jets (10-6) Broncos (10-6)
Browns (6-10) Jaguars (9-7) Patriots (10-6) Raiders (4-12)
Bengals (2-14) Texans (5-11) Dolphins (6-10) Chiefs (3-13)
North South East West
Vikings (8-8) Saints (12-4) Giants (13-3) Cardinals (12-4)
Packers (8-8) Panthers (10-6) Cowboys (12-4) Seahawks (6-10)
Bears (6-10) Buccaneers (10-6) Redskins (9-7) 49ers (5-11)
Lions (1-15) Falcons (5-11) Eagles (8-8) Rams (1-15)

As always, I used the NFL’s Standard Tie-Breaking Procedures where needed.

AFC 1. Steelers NFC 1. Giants

2. Bills
2. Cardinals

3. Colts
3. Saints

4. Chargers
4. Vikings

5. Titans
5. Cowboys

6. Jets
6. Panthers

And now for how I see the post season playing out based on the seedings above.

Wild Card Round Divisional Round
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Jets @ Colts Colts Colts @ Bills Colts
Titans @ Chargers Chargers Chargers @ Steelers Chargers
Panthers @ Saints Saints Cowboys @ Giants Giants
Cowboys @ Vikings Cowboys Saints @ Cardinals Saints

AFC Championship NFC Championship
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Chargers @ Colts Colts Saints @ Giants Giants

Super Bowl XLIII Matchup Super Bowl XLIII Champions
Colts vs Giants Indianapolis Colts

This week you can look forward to my new NCAA Top 25, NFL Power Rankings, new NCAA Bowl Predictions and a new 2009 NFL Mock Draft. As always feel free to leave a comment letting me know just how blinded I am by my Colts bias, or to share any other thoughts you may have.

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