My 2008 NFL Prediction (10/8)

Well, this is easily the prediction that felt the most uneasy about, but as I was going through and typing in the final records for the teams, I realized that they were too entirely different from my last predictions. And I’ve done this the same way that I’ve done all the rest, so I can’t really do too much about it. Either way, I’m not very happy with these, but here they are:

North South East West
Steelers (12-4) Colts (12-4) Bills (13-3) Broncos (11-5)
Ravens (9-7) Titans (11-5) Patriots (10-6) Chargers (10-6)
Browns (4-12) Jaguars (8-8) Jets (10-6) Raiders (4-12)
Bengals (3-13) Texans (5-11) Dolphins (6-10) Chiefs (3-13)
North South East West
Vikings (9-7) Saints (11-5) Giants (13-3) Cardinals (11-5)
Packers (8-8) Panthers (10-6) Cowboys (12-4) Seahawks (6-10)
Bears (7-9) Buccaneers (9-7) Redskins (10-6) 49ers (5-11)
Lions (2-14) Falcons (3-13) Eagles (8-8) Rams (1-15)

As you can see the final Wild Card Spots for both conferences will come down to the NFL’s Official Tie-Breaking Procedures. Fortunately I’ve become so familiar with these procedures that this wasn’t too much of an obstacle to overcome. On the NFC side of thing the Redskins beat out the Panthers because they had a better conference record. With the AFC there was a three-way-tie between the Chargers, Patriots, and Jets. I had the Patriots sweeping the Jets, so the Jets were knocked out but I had the Chargers winning their matchup with the Patriots, so that gave San Diego that spot. There were also some ties that needed to be settled to determine seeding, which I handled in the same way. With all that settled, here’s what the playoff seedings look like:

AFC 1. Bills NFC 1. Giants

2. Steelers
2. Cardinals

3. Colts
3. Saints

4. Broncos
4. Vikings

5. Titans
5. Cowboys

6. Chargers
6. Redskins

These seedings made some of the playoff games very hard to pick. Titans @ Broncos and Cowboys @ Vikings were the two in particular that were the most difficult. The latter of which was only difficult because it’s been so long since the Cowboys have won a playoff game and because it was in Minnesota. Here’s how I have it playing out:

Wild Card Round Divisional Round
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Chargers @ Colts Colts Broncos @ Bills Broncos
Titans @ Broncos Broncos Colts @ Steelers Colts
Redskins @ Saints Redskins Cowboys @ Giants Giants
Cowboys @ Vikings Cowboys Redskins @ Cardinals Redskins

AFC Championship NFC Championship
Matchup Winner Matchup Winner
Broncos @ Colts Colts Redskins @ Giants Giants

Super Bowl XLIII Matchup Super Bowl XLIII Champions
Colts vs Giants Indianapolis Colts

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