LCS Spots Set

With Jed Lowrie’s 9th inning single to drive home Jason Bay, the 2008 Division Series came to a close.  I wasn’t able to update any of this over the weekend because I was either not home or without internet.  I did get my postseason predictions in just before the gun (well, just after, but whatever) and I got three of the four series winners correct.  I only missed the Cubs-Dodgers series, which was okay because the Cubs lost in humiliating fashion.

Anyway, on the LCS previews.

The ALCS starts on Friday pits the defending Champion Boston Red Sox against their AL East counterparts, the Tampa Bay Rays.  I’d love to see the Rays take this series, just for the sake of someone new.  The Rays took the season series 10-8.  I figure it’s only right to bring up this from back on June 6th.  I doubt we see any fireworks like that, but there is certainly some bad blood between the two teams.

The NLCS will start on Thursday in Philadelphia.  The Dodgers surprised me with their dominance of the Cubs in the Division Series.  Manny looked phenomenal as he went 5/10 with two homers and three RBIs.  I wouldn’t throw a pitch anywhere near the zone if I were the Phillies, but maybe they know something that no one else does.  The season series was tied at four between the teams, but the Dodgers are a completely different team then they were prior to the trade deadline.

Let’s see if my Phillies-Rays World Series prediction becomes a reality.

On a pretty unrelated note, does anyone else think that Fox’s PitchTrax or whatever they call it is nowhere close to correct?  Maybe they could buy the K-Zone technology from ESPN or something because I’m pretty sure every ball misses by at least a foot on that thing.  It really annoys me.


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