NFL Power Rankings (Week 4)

I would like to point out one thing that Megan Manfull wrote recently: “Since the Texans joined the league in 2002, 31 teams have started a season 0-3. Only one of those teams — the 2004 Buffalo Bills — went on to record a winning record by finishing 9-7. Only two others finished .500.”

RK LW Team W L Comment
1 1 Giants 3 0 Ha. I’m to only one who’s consistently had them on top. Still the Champs.
2 9 Titans 4 0 3 home games and opponents are 3-12, but they’re winning by an average of 14 points, which leads the league.
3 11 Bills 4 0 The Bills have been big in the 4th quarter, and are winning by 11.5 per game, which is third in the league behind the Titans and Giants.
4 2 Cowboys 3 1 Let’s be honest. They’re still one of the best in the league. One stumble won’t hurt, unless T.O. stays P.O.ed.
5 5 Eagles 2 2 Only a .500 record but still 4th in the league in terms of point differential per game.
6 14 Chargers 2 2 They look like they’re bouncing back from a bad start.
7 3 Steelers 3 1 Though they’re 3-1, the Steelers are only +19 in point differential, which is only 4.75 per game.
8 16 Buccaneers 3 1 The Buccs are only a little better at +6.75 per game, but their 3-0 with Griese under center.
9 13 Saints 2 2 Deuce is back, which should help this offense immensely.
10 6 Packers 2 2 We’ll see what happens if Aaron Rodgers can’t play this week.
11 8 Panthers 3 1 Only one loss, but only +2.5 for their point differential average per game.
12 23 Redskins 3 1 Another one loss team with a low point differential (+5) giving them only a 1.25 average margin of victory.
13 17 Ravens 2 1 Baltimore is better than I thought but that close loss the close loss to Pittsburgh hurts.
14 12 Broncos 3 1 The defense needs to start playing better, because a loss to KC should not be acceptable.
15 15 Bears 2 2 The looked good against Philly. Can they keep it up?
16 22 Jaguars 2 2 They bounced back from their 0-2 start, but in their two wins they’ve had to come from behind.
17 4 Colts 1 2 Get it together. Now. Getting Houston this week should help.
18 7 Patriots 2 1 A -9 point differential and a loss to Miami got the Pats stuck here.
19 18 Jets 2 2 The offense looks good but the defense… well, doesn’t. 115 points scored, 116 points allowed.
20 10 Cardinals 2 2 The o-line needs to step it up in pass protection. They’ll hope to hand the Bills their first loss when they come to town this week.
21 19 Vikings 1 3 Disappointing would be an understatement. They face the Saints on MNF this week, and they need to win.
22 21 Seahawks 1 2 They got some receivers back with their BYE week, but the defense needs to help them out.
23 25 49ers 2 2 The Pats are coming off a BYE and are angry after a loss to Miami. The o-line needs to protect O’Sullivan better to give them a chance.
24 31 Dolphins 1 2 They upset the Pats in week 3. Can they do the same to the Chargers this week?
25 24 Falcons 2 2 They’re better than most anybody expected but I only see them winning one more game. That’s right. One more.
26 20 Browns 1 3 They have a BYE week, which they’ll need to work miracles to continue to dig out of the hole from their 0-3 start.
27 26 Texans 0 3 Houston has the third worst points differential per game average in the league at -14.33, the Colts will look to make that number even worse.
28 27 Raiders 1 3 This team has a lot of spirit. Can that carry them through the mess that is Al Davis?
29 30 Chiefs 1 3 Did you really just beat the Broncos? Wow. Well, at least you won’t have a winless season.
30 29 Bengals 0 4 The Bengals should be happy that the Lions and Rams exist, because this team would be worth of a bottom ranking if it weren’t for those two.
31 28 Lions 0 3 The two teams I mentioned that Houston has a better average point differential than? The Lions are one of them at -18 points per game. At least they got rid of Millen.
32 32 Rams 0 4 The other team worse than the Texans in point differential per game? These Rams are losing by an AVERAGE of 26 points per game. They’re overall point differential is -104. How do you do that in just 4 games? They are getting Donnie Avery involved though.

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