Playoff Predictions

I’m a little late since one game is already in the books, but we love meaningless predictions around here so I’m giving mine.

Phillies vs. Brewers – I would love to see the Brewers pull this out, since they are a fun team to watch.  Their heriocs at the end of the year with Sabathia, Braun, and Fielder kind of endeared me to them.  Having said that, I don’t think they’ll beat the Phils.   Howard, Utley, and Rollins will be too much for them in the end.  Plus, if Cole Hamels can pitch anywhere near like he did today, that’s another win.  I’ll take the Phils in 4.

Cubs vs. Dodgers – I would love to see the Cubs lose in agonizing fashion.  All the brand new Cubs hats around campus were really annoying today.  If the Dodgers can get to Dempster today, then they have a shot.  The Cubs are very difficult to beat when they throw Dempster-Zambrano-Harden at you to begin the series.  The Dodgers counter with Lowe-Billingsley-Kuroda.  Not quite the same, still good, but not the same.  Cubs in 4.

Red Sox vs. Angels – This is a very intriguing series, pitting two of the best teams in baseball against each other.  The Angels have the best record in baseball, but it’s a little deceiving since they play in the AL West.  The Sox are very strong, but Josh Beckett may not be completely healthy and they will miss Manny Ramirez.  The opening game starters are John Lester for the Sox and John Lackey for the Angels.  Lackey has been terrible in his last few starts, so this game is key for the Angels.  I don’t know how big of an upset it is for the defending Champions to win, but Sox in 5.

Rays vs. White Sox – Another good series has the upstart Rays making their first ever playoff appearance agains the veteran White Sox.  The Sox had to beat three different teams on the final three days of the season just to get in.  I have to imagine there will be some sort of hangover from all that drama, but the Rockies proved me wrong last year.  I can see this one going either way and for the record, I’d like the winner of this series to win the whole thing.  I just flipped a coin: Rays in 5.


Phillies vs. Cubs – The Cubs are the better team here, but this is where the Cubs die.  I really hope something catastrophic happens, like Zambrano pummels someone in the dugout and can’t pitch or Geovany Soto trips while rounding third and gets tagged for the series ending out.  I think the Phils offense might top the Cubs, who have been on cruise control since about August.  Phils in 6.

Rays vs. Red Sox – The Rays have proved me wrong all year, I think they’ll be the better team in this AL East showdown.  The Rays young pitchers won’t tire out as fast as the potentially injured Josh Beckett and company.  The Sox will really miss Manny against Kazmir and friends.  Rays in 6.

World Series

Phillies vs. Rays – This is where it hits the Rays that they’re actually in the playoffs.  Howard and Utley will pound the ball in Tampa while Hamels shuts down the Rays offense.  I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time breaking down this match up since it will probably be the Angels and Cubs anyway but just for fun, Phillies in 5.  MVP – Cole Hamels.

Have predictions of your own?  Let’s see them in the comments.

NFL Power Rankings (Week 4)

I would like to point out one thing that Megan Manfull wrote recently: “Since the Texans joined the league in 2002, 31 teams have started a season 0-3. Only one of those teams — the 2004 Buffalo Bills — went on to record a winning record by finishing 9-7. Only two others finished .500.”

RK LW Team W L Comment
1 1 Giants 3 0 Ha. I’m to only one who’s consistently had them on top. Still the Champs.
2 9 Titans 4 0 3 home games and opponents are 3-12, but they’re winning by an average of 14 points, which leads the league.
3 11 Bills 4 0 The Bills have been big in the 4th quarter, and are winning by 11.5 per game, which is third in the league behind the Titans and Giants.
4 2 Cowboys 3 1 Let’s be honest. They’re still one of the best in the league. One stumble won’t hurt, unless T.O. stays P.O.ed.
5 5 Eagles 2 2 Only a .500 record but still 4th in the league in terms of point differential per game.
6 14 Chargers 2 2 They look like they’re bouncing back from a bad start.
7 3 Steelers 3 1 Though they’re 3-1, the Steelers are only +19 in point differential, which is only 4.75 per game.
8 16 Buccaneers 3 1 The Buccs are only a little better at +6.75 per game, but their 3-0 with Griese under center.
9 13 Saints 2 2 Deuce is back, which should help this offense immensely.
10 6 Packers 2 2 We’ll see what happens if Aaron Rodgers can’t play this week.
11 8 Panthers 3 1 Only one loss, but only +2.5 for their point differential average per game.
12 23 Redskins 3 1 Another one loss team with a low point differential (+5) giving them only a 1.25 average margin of victory.
13 17 Ravens 2 1 Baltimore is better than I thought but that close loss the close loss to Pittsburgh hurts.
14 12 Broncos 3 1 The defense needs to start playing better, because a loss to KC should not be acceptable.
15 15 Bears 2 2 The looked good against Philly. Can they keep it up?
16 22 Jaguars 2 2 They bounced back from their 0-2 start, but in their two wins they’ve had to come from behind.
17 4 Colts 1 2 Get it together. Now. Getting Houston this week should help.
18 7 Patriots 2 1 A -9 point differential and a loss to Miami got the Pats stuck here.
19 18 Jets 2 2 The offense looks good but the defense… well, doesn’t. 115 points scored, 116 points allowed.
20 10 Cardinals 2 2 The o-line needs to step it up in pass protection. They’ll hope to hand the Bills their first loss when they come to town this week.
21 19 Vikings 1 3 Disappointing would be an understatement. They face the Saints on MNF this week, and they need to win.
22 21 Seahawks 1 2 They got some receivers back with their BYE week, but the defense needs to help them out.
23 25 49ers 2 2 The Pats are coming off a BYE and are angry after a loss to Miami. The o-line needs to protect O’Sullivan better to give them a chance.
24 31 Dolphins 1 2 They upset the Pats in week 3. Can they do the same to the Chargers this week?
25 24 Falcons 2 2 They’re better than most anybody expected but I only see them winning one more game. That’s right. One more.
26 20 Browns 1 3 They have a BYE week, which they’ll need to work miracles to continue to dig out of the hole from their 0-3 start.
27 26 Texans 0 3 Houston has the third worst points differential per game average in the league at -14.33, the Colts will look to make that number even worse.
28 27 Raiders 1 3 This team has a lot of spirit. Can that carry them through the mess that is Al Davis?
29 30 Chiefs 1 3 Did you really just beat the Broncos? Wow. Well, at least you won’t have a winless season.
30 29 Bengals 0 4 The Bengals should be happy that the Lions and Rams exist, because this team would be worth of a bottom ranking if it weren’t for those two.
31 28 Lions 0 3 The two teams I mentioned that Houston has a better average point differential than? The Lions are one of them at -18 points per game. At least they got rid of Millen.
32 32 Rams 0 4 The other team worse than the Texans in point differential per game? These Rams are losing by an AVERAGE of 26 points per game. They’re overall point differential is -104. How do you do that in just 4 games? They are getting Donnie Avery involved though.
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