Great Start to the Playoffs

I realize it wasn’t technically a playoff game between the White Sox and Twins…but it was a playoff game.  I was pulling for the Sox since I have a couple friends who are Sox fans and it would give me a team to pull for in October.  I didn’t think last year’s Rockies-Padres play-in game would be topped in terms of excitement, but this one may have.  Rather than be a Coors Field run-fest, it was a beautiful pitcher’s duel between Nick Blackburn and John Danks.

The only run of the game was scored when Jim Thome murdered a baseball to the concourse in center field.  It was measured at 461 feet, but that seems a little conservative.  Thome reached the same area during a June 4th game and that one was measured at 462 feet, so I can’t really argue.  Still, it was a bomb.

The story of the night was really the pitching of John Danks.  He gave up two hits over 8 innings and was just on cruise control.  It was a very short game, taking only two hours and 20 minutes.  I suppose that will happen when both teams combine for only seven hits.

The defensive play of the game came when Ken Griffey Jr. cut down Michael Cuddyer at the plate as he attempted to score on a sacrifice fly.  Watching Griffey play is still one of the greatest things in all sports.  As soon as Cuddyer took off from third, I knew Griffey was going to get him.  It’s just what he does.  I must also mention that AJ Pierzynski did a great job of holding onto the ball after the bone jarring collision at the plate.  It was baseball at its finest.

Anyway, the playoff matchups are set.  I’ll be rooting for the Sox/Rays winner to take it all.  If that doesn’t pan out, I just want the Cubs to lose.  Maybe I’ll throw up some meaningless predictions tomorrow before it starts, but no promises.  Enjoy October everyone.

One Response

  1. Thome’s HR was a shot.

    Griffeys throw/Pierzynski’s ability to hold on to the ball was awesome. I loved the part when AJ waved his glove with the ball in his hand at the Minnesota guy. Haha, AJ’s such an asshole and I love it.

    It was a pitcher’s duel at it’s finest, both guys gave great efforts. I liked how Danks was eliminating the time between pitches, not letting the batters get settled and comfortable, he controlled the pace of the game.

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