My All-Time Tennessee Volunteer Team

I just threw this together, so it could probably be a little better, but it’s about 4 in the morning so I hope you’ll cut me some slack. Either way, these are the kinds of things that happen when I’m bored and can’t sleep so I share them with you. Plus looking back at some of the great players Tennessee has/had produced makes me feel better about the current state that the program is currently in. I was inspired to put this together when I looked back at My All-Time NFL Team that I had put together about 5 months ago. Well, to cut the the chase, here it is:

Pos Player Pos Player
QB1: Peyton Manning *DB: Bill Bates
QB2: Pat Ryan *DB: Roland James
QB3: Heath Shuler *DB: Bert Rechichar
*DB: Deon Grant
RB1: Beattie Feathers *DB: Gibril Wilson
RB2: Jamal Lewis *DB: Terry McDaniel
RB3: Travis Henry *DB: Dale Carter
RB4: Charlie Garner
RB5: James Stewart *LB: Mike Stratton
RB6: Reggie Cobb *LB: Al Wilson
*LB: Jack Reynolds
FB1: Tom Tracy *LB: Paul Naumoff
*LB: Mike Cofer
WR1: Anthony Miller *LB: Mike Lucci
WR2: Stanley Morgan
WR3: Carl Pickens LE1: Doug Atkins
WR4: Peerless Price LE2: Leonard Little
WR5: Willie Gault LE3: Shaun Ellis
WR6: Tim McGee
DT1: John Henderson
TE1: Jason Witten DT2: Albert Haynesworth
TE2: Bill Anderson DT3: Steve DeLong
TE3: Ed Cifers
RE1: Reggie White
LT1: Dick Huffman RE2: Darris McCord
LT2: Chad Clifton
P: Dustin Colquitt
LG1: Jack Stroud
LG2: Bruce Wilkerson K: Fuad Reveiz
C1: Bob Johnson KR1: Eddie Brown
C2: Raleigh McKenzie KR2: Terry Fair
RG1: John Gordy Coach: General Robert R. Neyland
RG2: Mickey Marvin *I was going to specify the different type of linebackers and defensive backs but I think that they are all versatile enough that it doesn’t really matter.
RT1: Paul Lipscomb
RT2: Tim Irwin

Let me know in a comment if you think I forgot anybody or if you have any other thoughts you’d like to share.


Okay, so after talking to Bryan and reading the comment on this post I realized that I probably should have written a more in depth and informative introduction, but again, as it was four in the morning, I hope you will forgive me for slacking a little. So, instead of going back and rewriting the intro from last night, I figured I’d just tag on a quick explanation at the end here. So, the primary thing that I failed to mention was that I based this not only on how good the players were in college, but also how much success they had in the NFL. This obviously bumped out a few people that otherwise should have easily made the cut. I guess that actually covers most of the problems that jump out at me. Thanks for understanding that a sleep deprived brain doesn’t always think processes all the way through.


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  1. […] about the good old days, check out Weller and Bryan’s Sports Blog to look over their All-Time Tennessee team.  It is a great list, aside from the absence of three of my top-ten greats in Tennessee […]

  2. […] success in the NFL. I love this idea for two main reasons: 1. Less than a year ago I had put up an All-Time Tennessee Team over on WaB with the same parameters and 2. I know significantly more about the NFL than I do about […]

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