Ridiculously Early 2009 NFL Mock Draft

With it being September 11, I would first like to pay respect to all of those that were lost and those who lost loved ones in the tragedy seven years ago. Our thoughts go out to all of you.

With that said it’s on to business, and as the title indicates this is my 2009 mock draft that’s so early it really doesn’t make any sense to have one out yet, but it sounded like fun, so I did it. To determine the draft order I used my predictions that I posted yesterday. With teams that had the same record, I again used Bryan to determine what I should do, and again I believe he was unaware as to why I was asking him these questions. I’m sure there are official tie-breakers to determine who picks first when teams have the same record, but knowing my luck I would get through all of the tie-breakers only to find that I’d have to flip a coin for my final decision. So, seeing how this is all a lot of guess work at this point anyway, I simply asked Bryan (who also made the first pick for the Rams) which teams he thought was better when I couldn’t decide who should go where. But now, without further ado…

With the first overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams select…

Rnd. Pick Team Player Pos. School
1 1 St Louis Michael Oher OT Mississippi
1 2 Miami Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State
1 3 Kansas City Tim Tebow QB Florida
1 4 Atlanta Eugene Monroe OT Virginia
1 5 San Francisco Michael Crabtree WR Texas Tech
1 6 Oakland Michael Johnson DE Georgia Tech
1 7 Detroit Jeff Owens DT Georgia
1 8 Cincinnati Chris Wells RB Ohio State
1 9 Baltimore Andre Smith OT Alabama
1 10 Tampa Bay Brian Orakpo DE Texas
1 11 Houston James Davis RB Clemson
1 12 Tennessee Duke Robinson OG Oklahoma
1 13 Green Bay Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati
1 14 Chicago Cullen Harper QB Clemson
1 15 Cleveland Aaron Curry OLB Wake Forest
1 16 Denver James Laurinaitis MLB Ohio State
1 17 Philadelphia William Moore FS Missouri
1 18 Washington Brian Robiskie WR Ohio State
1 19 Philadelphia Darrius Heyward-Bey WR Maryland
1 20 Arizona Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest
1 21 Seattle Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma St
1 22 NY Jets Matt Stafford QB Georgia
1 23 Buffalo Brian Cushing OLB USC
1 24 Jacksonville Greg Hardy DE Mississippi
1 25 New England Rey Maualuga MLB USC
1 26 NY Giants Nic Harris SS Oklahoma
1 27 Pittsburgh Tyson Jackson DE LSU
1 28 San Diego Marcus Freeman OLB Ohio State
1 29 New Orleans Darius Butler CB Connecticut
1 30 Dallas Herman Johnson OG LSU
1 31 Minnesota Jamon Meredith OT South Carolina
1 32 Indianapolis Terrance Taylor DT Michigan
2 33 St Louis Matt Shaughnessy DE Wisconsin
2 34 Miami Louis Murphy WR Florida
2 35 Kansas City Kevin Barnes CB Maryland
2 36 Atlanta Fili Moala DT USC
2 37 San Francisco Hunter Cantwell QB Louisville
2 38 Oakland Derrick Williams WR Penn State
2 39 Detroit Brandon Spikes MLB Florida
2 40 Cincinnati Evander Hood DT Missouri
2 41 Baltimore Percy Harvin WR Florida
2 42 Tampa Bay Jeremy Maclin WR Missouri
2 43 Houston Dannell Ellerbe MLB Georgia
2 44 Tennessee Brandon Gibson WR Washington St
2 45 Green Bay Javon Ringer RB Michigan St
2 46 Chicago Ciron Black OT Auburn
2 47 Cleveland Arian Foster RB Tennessee
2 48 Denver Brad Lester RB Auburn
2 49 Philadelphia Xavier Fulton OT Illinois
2 50 Miami Chase Coffman TE Missouri
2 51 Carolina Maurice Evans DE Penn State
2 52 Arizona Purvis Ryan TE Boston College
2 53 Seattle Courtney Greene FS Rutgers
2 54 NY Jets Derek Pegues FS Mississippi St
2 55 Buffalo Jonathan Luigs OC Arkansas
2 56 Jacksonville Alex Mack OC California
2 57 New England Vontae Davis CB Illinois
2 58 NY Giants Victor Harris CB Virginia Tech
2 59 Pittsburgh Michael Hamlin SS Clemson
2 60 New England Trevor Canfield OG Cincinnati
2 61 NY Giants Alex Boone OT Ohio State
2 62 Dallas Bruce Johnson CB Miami
2 63 Minnesota Curtis Painter QB Purdue
2 64 Indianapolis Greg Middleton DE Indiana
3 65 St Louis Tyrone McKenzie OLB South Florida
3 66 Miami Everette Brown DE Florida State
3 67 Kansas City DeMarcus Grainger DE Oklahoma
3 68 Atlanta Clint Sintim OLB Virginia
3 69 San Francisco Cody Brown OLB Connecticut
3 70 Oakland Anthony Parker OG Tennessee
3 71 Detroit Antonio Coleman DE Auburn
3 72 Cincinnati Zack Follett OLB California
3 73 Baltimore Morgan Trent CB Michigan
3 74 Tampa Bay BJ Raji DT Boston College
3 75 Houston Jermaine Gresham TE Oklahoma
3 76 Tennessee Jeff Fitzgerald DE Virginia
3 77 Green Bay Jason Smith OT Baylor
3 78 Chicago Juaquin Iglesias WR Oklahoma
3 79 Dallas Brandon Swain DE West Texas AM
3 80 Denver Peria Jerry DT Mississippi
3 81 Philadelphia Myron Rolle SS Florida State
3 82 Washington Mitch Petrus OG Arkansas
3 83 Carolina Phil Loadholt OT Oklahoma
3 84 Arizona Ian Johnson RB Boise St
3 85 Seattle Demetrius Byrd WR LSU
3 86 NY Jets Pat White WR West Virginia
3 87 Buffalo Travis Beckum TE Wisconsin
3 88 Jacksonville Jason Watkins OT Florida
3 89 New England Keenan Lewis CB Oregon St
3 90 NY Giants CJ Spillman FS Marshall
3 91 Pittsburgh Curtis Taylor FS LSU
3 92 San Diego Pannel Egboh DE Stanford
3 93 New Orleans Ramses Barden WR Cal Poly SLO
3 94 Dallas Aaron Kelly WR Clemson
3 95 Minnesota Antoine Caldwell OC Alabama
3 96 Indianapolis Josh McNiel OC Tennessee

6 Responses

  1. Wow you guys are for real :-)


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  5. I picked Crabtree to the 49ers over seven months before the actual draft… just wanted to throw that out there.

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