Instant Replay

First things first, Weller had successful surgery on his wrist this afternoon. He should be back in action soon, so don’t fret, facebook discussion boarders. Apparently he did ask the nurse if they put a cell phone inside of him like in the Dark Knight, for what it’s worth.

Now, onto the topic of the day: Instant Replay. Baseball has been and always will be the slowest sport to evolve with the times, since it has been around the longest and has its fair share of ‘purists’ who feel the game just hasn’t been the same since they moved the Dodgers out of Brooklyn.

Major League Baseball announced today that they will institute instant replay on “boundary calls.” This means, a) was a ball fair or foul, b) did the ball leave the field of play, and c) fan interference. Unlike the NFL, only the Crew Chief can call for an instant replay.

It’s about time. Instant replay has worked brilliantly in the NFL, NCAA, NHL, and the NBA. Critics worry about the stoppages slowing down the game. I never really understood why MLB is so insistent on shortening games. No one expects to go to a game and leave in less than three hours. You go to a game and make a day of it. Isn’t it more important to get the call right on the field than get the fans out of the stadium 3 minutes sooner? I think so.

Think about if limited replay had be in place on October 9, 1996. You know the play. Replay would have quickly shown that Derek Jeter did not hit a home run and this kid may not have his own Wikipedia page. Odd side note, when I interned in Seattle, the other intern played college baseball with Jeffrey Maier at Wesleyan University. I can’t say that the Orioles would have won the series, but it certainly could have swung the momentum in their favor with the Game 1 win. Maybe my Braves would have won the 1996 World Series over the Orioles and the O’s wouldn’t be in their current state of disrepair. Who knows.

Anyway, I think it’s a great idea. Baseball has already waited too long to implement this, but it’s better late than never, right? Hopefully it works as well as it has in the other sports and they can get 100% of the boundary calls correct in the postseason.

In other news, I went to the Cardinals 18-3 thrashing of the Braves last Friday. That’s all I’ll say about that. I also just got my tickets to the Mizzou-Illinois game on Saturday. It’s almost football season!

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