NFL Power Rankings (Preseason)

Okay, so I’ve been putting off doing this in case any big trades went through in the last week before training camps, and seeing how now quite a few training camps have actually started and that a couple trades have happened I’ve decided to put this up. So to cut to the chase, here they are:

RK (LW) Team Rec Comments
1 (1) Giants 14-6 Champs.
2 (2) Colts 13-4 Peyton, Marvin Harrison, Dwight Freeney, and Bob Sanders should all be 100% for week 1 and if things stay that way they should be in the runnings to win their second Super Bowl in three years.
3 (3) Chargers 13-6 If they can keep injuries to a minimum then they could be in the hunt for a Super Bowl.
4 (6) Cowboys 13-4 They have talent, but they haven’t won a playoff game in over a decade. Them moving up two spots since my last power ranking is because it’s looking more and more likely that Adam Jones will be reinstated by the league, and out of the assumption that he is before the season starts.
5 (4) *pats 18-1 A horrible set of defensive backs, an o-line exposed during their last game, an unproven running back and one less option at wide receiver. If you heard that about any other team what would you think?
6 (5) Jaguars 12-6 They hope to win the division, but with question marks at wide receiver, it won’t happen this year.
7 (7) Steelers 10-7 Roethlisberger has had a good off season, so with an improved receiving corp and a studly back field this team will be in the mix.
8 (10) Vikings 8-8 Tavaris Jackson should be improving which will be aided by off season acquisition, Bernard Berrian. That dangerous d-line got even scarier with the addition of Jared Allen, and if Adrian Peterson doesn’t have a sophomore slump, which he shouldn’t behind that o-line, then this team will be playing in January.
9 (8) Browns 10-6 The Browns have depth, which will be tested early with recent injuries.
10 (9) Redskins 9-8 If Jason Campbell can have a break through year then this team should be in the playoffs again. Clinton Portis will provide a reliable ground attack and having Malcolm Kelly should make things that much easier on Campbell. The recent addition of Jason Taylor will also help, if he’s as effective as he’s been in years past.
11 (11) Saints 7-9 Getting Shockey from the Saints gives Drew Brees one more target to throw to with an already dangerous offense. Other off season moves to improve the defense should help this team bounce back from a disappointing 2007 season.
12 (17) Buccaneers 9-8 If the defense can play like they did last year and the running game can find some consistency then this team will be fighting for a playoff spot.
13 (15) Cardinals 8-8 They have entirely too much talent to not win this division, but it’s been like that in years past and they haven’t made the playoffs in a decade.
14 (12) Packers 14-4 No Brett Favre but a young and talented roster could put together a good season. But not taking Favre back could haunt this team in more ways than one.
15 (13) Seahawks 11-7 I don’t think this team quite has the pieces in place this year. If they make the playoffs it will only be because of the division they’re in, though my pick is the Cardinals.
16 (14) Eagles 8-8 If McNabb can stay healthy and that defense has improved as much as everyone thinks then this team could be in the playoff picture. It will also help their cause if DeSean Jackson can make an immediate impact.
17 (16) Titans 10-7 Without a primary target for Vince Young I don’t see this team making any huge improvements from last season unless Mike Heimerdinger can work a miracle.
18 (18) Texans 8-8 The Texans are getting a lot better but with the division they’re in it may not be reflected in their record, but if they play well this season they could aspire to move out of the bottom spot in the AFC South by moving in front of the Titans.
19 (19) Bills 7-9 Trent Edwards is reported to have had a great off season and with a Turk Schonert as the new offensive coordinator this team could hope to steal a playoff spot.
20 (20) Panthers 7-9 Jake Delhomme has to stay healthy and be 100% all season and running back Jonathan Stewart has to be effective immediately for this team to have any hopes of accomplishing anything this year.
21 (21) Jets 4-12 The question: do they have enough power in their offense to make a playoff run? The answer: Erik Ainge… how can you go wrong with a quarterback from Tennessee?
22 (22) Ravens 5-11 They’ll try to scrap together a winning season, but it will be interesting to see how things play out.
23 (27) Bengals 7-9 They better hope Chad Johnson decides to play, and play his best or this team is going to have a bad year. Mike Zimmer may be able to help the defense, but that won’t be enough if they’re without ocho cinco.
24 (25) Rams 3-13 If they can get and keep Orlando Pace healthy this team could improve drastically from last year’s 3-13 season, which was littered with costly injuries.
25 (23) Raiders 4-12 This year will be interesting, big spending in the off season should help their cause but only time will tell.
26 (26) Lions 7-9 Improving that defense is going to take time, until then they can only hope to have .500 seasons.
27 (24) Broncos 7-9 This team seems to be slowly getting worse. Their lucky to be in a division with the Chiefs and Raiders, because it’s caused many not to notice, but if they don’t turn things around soon they could be in trouble.
28 (28) 49ers 5-11 Alex Smith to Mike Martz: “Help me, Mike Martz Kenobi, you’re our only hope.” – Was that a stretch?
29 (29) Chiefs 4-12 I feel bad for Tony Gonzalez.
30 (30) Bears 7-9 Until they get rid of rex grossman, and replace him with a non-gator alum, this team won’t see any huge success.
31 (31) Dolphins 1-15 Bill Parcells brought in new staff and coaches and new players, the question remains at quarterback. Trading Jason Taylor almost dropped this team below the Falcons, but Atlanta will keep that spot for the time being.
32 (32) Falcons 4-12 A new look for the Falcons won’t mean immediate success, this is going to be a rebuilding process that will take a lot of time.

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