My SEC Rankings Based on the Past Five Years

This is just some food for thought, but a brief explanation is necessary. I woke up a little before 6 o’clock this morning thinking about how much I hate florida. For those of you who know me, this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, though I must admit that it isn’t frequent that this hatred disturbs my slumber. So unable to fall back asleep, I decided to do some research. It started as just research on Tennessee and florida, but quickly turned into an investigation of the entire SEC’s recent football history. I was soon working on ranking the twelve teams based on their production and success over the past five years, from 2003 to 2007.

I first went back through and ranked all of the teams 1 through 12 for each year based on their records within the conference, not including SEC Championship games. I had to go back through and rank the teams myself because most resources out there only rank the teams 1 through 6 within each division. As you can probably assume, this soon hit a road block, because in each of the past 5 season there have been at least 4 ties among the teams based on conference records. So I developed a tie-breaking method. My first tie-breaker was head-to head matchups. The winner of the game between the two would obviously take the slot. If the two teams did not play, or if there were three or more teams tied (and one team did not beat or lose to both of the other teams) then I used their overall records for my second tie-breaker. My third tie-breaker was strength of schedule, but lucky for me it never came down to that, because that would have cause significantly more research.

After I had ranked each of the five seasons I went through and found two more pieces of information to compare how the teams had done overall during these years. I found their average rankings over these five years, based on how I had ranked them, and then their overall record from these years. I used one as the initial determent on how the teams were ranked and then used the other as the tie-breaker. I don’t specify on which is the tie-breaker and which isn’t because either way you do it you get the same results.

Here’s how the rankings turned out:

My SEC Rankings for 2003 – 2007
Overall Rank School/Team Avg Rank Total SEC Record Win %
1 Louisiana St. 2.2 32-8 0.80
2 Auburn 3.2 31-9 0.78
3 Georgia 3.2 28-12 0.70
4 Tennessee 4.2 27-13 0.68
5 florida 4.4 27-13 0.68
6 Arkansas 6.2 20-20 0.50
7 South Carolina 7.2 17-23 0.43
8 Alabama 7.6 17-23 0.43
9 Mississippi 9.0 13-27 0.33
10 Kentucky 9.4 11-29 0.28
11 Mississippi St. 10.4 9-31 0.23
12 Vanderbilt 10.4 8-32 0.20

If you have any questions about the any of the specifics or want to share your thoughts on the subject, please feel free to leave a comment for us.

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