Fan Suing New York City

We hope everyone had a great and safe 4th of July.  Weller came down to Columbia to visit for a couple days and did some grilling and watched fireworks and generally did a whole lot of nothing.

Now on to the sports.  I woke up this afternoon to this article about a fan in New York City who is suing the city for $5.5 million after being struck in the face with a broken bat during a August 8th game against the Braves.  The shattered bat left the man with what he called a “broken face.”

I’m not completely familiar with the legal process, but I’m not sure what the city of New York has to do with someone being hit with baseball bat, and I’m not sure why it would cost $5.5 million if they did.  I feel very bad for this guy and I think they should do something about the maple bats that splinter into multiple pieces, unlike the ash bats.  Like my roommate said, “A-Rod uses ash bats, they can’t be any worse.”

I checked the back of my ticket from the May 31st Cardinals against the Pirates and it says:

The holder assumes all risk and incidental of the Game of Baseball, whether occurring prior too, during or subsequent to the playing of the game, including specifically (but not exclusively) the danger of being injured by thrown bats and thrown or batted balls, and agrees that Busch Stadium, the participating clubs, Cardinals Ballpark, LLC, St. Louis Cardinals LLC and their affiliates, agents, or players, are not liable for injuries resulting from such causes.

I would imagine the Mets’ policy is equivalent to this and that their “St. Louis Cardinals LLC and their affiliates” would encompass the city as well, but again, I don’t know enough about the legal process.  Best of luck to this Mets fan, I guess.  I hope he gets their entire team disbanded.

I was reminded of another odd lawsuit from a couple years ago.  I don’t know how this one turned out, but it’s worth reading.

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