Sonic Departure

As you know by now, I am not a basketball fan. I don’t really like watching it, I don’t really like playing it. If I do watch it, I watch the college variety because I actually have teams to root for and against. Now having said all that, the way the Seattle SuperSonics were treated over the last 2+ years is absurd.

In the summer of 2006, a group led by Clayton Bennett bought the Sonics. I happened to be in Seattle for that summer and heard most of the backlash that occurred. Bennett took out a full page ad in the paper saying how he intended to try his hardest to keep the Sonics in Seattle and blah blah blah. Bennett half-heartedly tried to get support for a new arena and turned down offers to pay for all of the improvements to the Key Arena. The arena opened in 1962 and underwent a 74.5 million dollar renovation in 1994. The arena was the smallest in the NBA, but it was not inadequate.

The city of Seattle sued Bennett to rescind the sale of the team, but reached a settlement yesterday saying that Bennett must pay the city $75 million. The unnamed Oklahoma City team will have to leave the logo, colors, and history in Seattle, as it should be.

Again, I don’t watch much basketball, but I will root against this new Oklahoma City team, just because of how their owners treated their former city. Imagine if you were a Sonics fan and some guy decides he wants to take your team from you and move them halfway across the country? It’s awful to think about.

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