All-Star Solutions

As I’ve written here before, I have a big problem with the way Major League Baseball picks their members of the All-Star Team. In that post, I never really came up with a solution for how it should work, it was more of me complaining about how bad it was. Well, with today being the last chance to vote for starters, I figured I’d throw out a couple of things my roommate and I brainstormed while on our way back from a concert in St. Louis.

The first thing we decided was that if the game matters, it shouldn’t be up to the fans to pick the lineup. Then, we just decided it shouldn’t count for anything anyway and to let the fans vote all they want. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen any time soon, so these ideas are for the All-Star Game as it is.

We decided that the players should be the voters, since Joe Torre has proven that managers aren’t very good at picking All-Stars (no more of this all Yankees and Red Sox nonsense). We came up with different variations on this idea, like having pitchers vote for hitters and vice versa. It would be interesting to find out who pitchers would like to face the least. For example: Albert Pujols, Lance Berkman, Derrek Lee, or Adrian Gonzalez at first for the NL? The players would know better than anyone who truly is deserving of the honor. Of course, there would be rules associated with this, like they can’t vote for themself or for teammates so every players doesn’t get 25 votes. At the very least this would eliminate injured stars from winning the vote.

The second idea is re-tooling the rules saying every team must be represented. I doubt many Royals fans tuned in back in 2006 when Mark Redman donned their jersey in Pittsburgh anyway. Our idea was not to eliminate this rule, but to have the respective managers announce their lineups a week earlier than they do and leave the spots open for the teams only represented by one player. For instance, instead of naming Redman the Royals representative, Ozzie Guillen would have just released “Royals Representative” on his roster. Then, in this extra week, fans at Kaufmann Stadium can vote for which player they want to represent the Royals at the All-Star Game. This presents a couple problems, obviously, but it would give Bud Selig that voting thing that he loves so much. The managers could also submit a list of 5 players for consideration from the team or the voting could not be binding; this would mean the manager wouldn’t end up with all outfielders from this system.

Clearly these are not perfect solutions, but it would add some interest if the popularity contest was taken away. There would be several kinks to be worked out, but this would be considered a general framework for a solution. Have any suggestions on making the All-Star game better? Let me hear them in the comments.


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