NBA Finals – 2 Games In

After two games of the NBA Finals between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, it appears to be clear which of these two teams wants this championship more. The Celtics have played with a unity and desire to win that the Lakers have not shown. The Celtics seem to be rallying around their captain, Paul Pierce. After being down 5 at half time in Game 1, Paul Pierce started the spark that gave them the lead, and then when he was hurt the team rallied in his absence. When he returned it gave an emotional boost. I believe that this team lives and dies with Paul Pierce. As good as Kevin Garnett is, I feel that Pierce is the heart and soul.

So far in the series Pierce is shooting 62% from the field and 88% from behind the arc and is averaging 25 points per game. With KG getting a double-double in both games, Ray Allen averaging 18 points per game, and Rajon Rondo averaging 12 assists, this team is hitting on all cylinders. And I have yet to even mention Game 2’s player of the game, Leon Powe, who came in off of the bench and scored a staggering 21 points on only 15 minutes of action in last night’s game.

The Celtics have shown in Game 1 that they can come back from being down, and finish out a game strong to win and then showed in Game 2 that they can get a lead early and hold onto it despite a 4th quarter run by the Lakers. They have also shown that they can either contain Kobe Bryant and take him off of his rhythm and win, or that they can still win when Bryant has a 30 point performance.

From here on out the Celtics can have a losing record and still be world champions, and with the way they seem to be clicking I don’t see them losing game 3, and no team in NBA history has come back in the finals to win when facing a 3-0 deficit, and unless I’m mistaken I believe only one team has even come back to even force a Game 7. With that said, it sure is looking positive for the Celtics, especially if they can win tomorrow.

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