NFL Draft Grades Second Evaluation

After seeing the results from my first method of evaluating the 2008 NFL Draft, I decided it bothered me. It bothered me that there was an A+ because and A+ implies perfection, and nobody can have a perfect draft. It also bothered me that the average score was in the B+ range, when I feel like the average should be more along the lines of a C, which could be because that’s how my math brain works. Either way, it bothered me on a lot of different levels. So in short, I’m re-posting my grades with one difference, that being I made it so that the average grade is a C, with all the grades maintaining the same relation to each other. This conveniently also took care of my A+ problem. It added one more team to the F category, and one more team dangerously close, but all in all, I was more satisfied. The total scores are still out of 350. Please feel free to comment if you like this revised grading more or less than the original.

Here’s how it looks:

1. Dallas: 344.17 = A

2. Kansas City: 316.25 = A-

3. New York Giants: 313.57 = A-

4. Miami: 313.33 = A-

5. Jacksonville: 310.00 = B+

6T. Minnesota: 305.00 = B+

6T. Arizona: 305.00 = B+

8. Indianapolis: 297.78 = B

9. Pittsburgh: 280.00 = B-

10. Tampa Bay: 278.57 = B-

11. Chicago: 276.24 = C+

12. Cleveland: 275.00 = C+

13. Green Bay: 274.91 = C+

14T. Washington: 272.00 = C+

14T. Philadelphia: 272.00 = C+

16. Oakland: 270.00 = C+

17. Cincinnati: 269.50 = C+

18. San Francisco: 269.17 = C+

19. Carolina: 267.22 = C

20. Seattle: 267.14 = C

21. New Orleans: 265.25 = C

22. New York Jets: 256.67 = C

23. Denver: 245.56 = C-

24. Buffalo: 245.00 =C-

25. Detroit: 240.69 = D+

26. Atlanta: 236.49 = D+

27. Baltimore: 235.00 = D+

28. St. Louis: 231.25 = D (Sorry, Bryan)

29. Houston: 218.57 = D-

30. Tennessee: 210.00 = D-

31. new england: 185.00 = F

32. San Diego: 170.00 = F

Average Score: 266.14 = C

3 Responses

  1. Colts18,
    You have to have a screw loose somewhere in these recalculations. How is it possible to have the 2nd pick in the entire draft and get a great college player with great bloodlines and upside potential like Chris Long and then be rated a “D”. One player can make a team’s entire draft, the other picks can be supportive.
    They get no worse than a “C” in my book.

    Kansas Hillbilly

  2. The Donnie Avery pick was the worst pick in the draft (second worse if I allow my bias to be brought into consideration)… I couldn’t let that one go.

  3. […] put up the AFC Draft Grades, the NFC Draft Grades, the consolidated NFL Draft Grades, and then a revised NFL Draft Grades. The score column is from me rating how much value a team got out of a pick or how much of a reach […]

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