Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Alright, after last night’s thrilling Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals, I didn’t really feel like writing out Part 3 of my journey through the upper-Midwest. Tonight, I get a little break from the Finals action and so I can continue my story.

We got up early and drove the 2 hours up to Milwaukee for the night game at Miller Park. We drove straight to the stadium to pick up our tickets and then made our way over to the Miller Brewery for free beer. Unfortunately, the 35 degree weather at Wrigley the night before had given me “flu like symptoms,” as they would be called in the NBA. I felt awful, but I was determined not to let my condition get in the way of any fun that I would have. This meant drinking all the beer that was provided at the end of the tour. We got samples of Miller Lite, MGD, and Peroni and each one tasted awful. We did meet a German guy and his girlfriend from Rockford, Illinois, who we talked sports with for quite a while. He was a soccer player and told us how different the fanfare surrounding pro sports was in the United States. The tour itself was nice, kind of limited and short, but worthwhile if you’re ever in Milwaukee. Our tour guide was a Jayhawk though; he missed my not-so-subtle Darrell Arthur-math joke. Anyway, the picture above is of the Miller Brewery Caves at the end of the tour.

The first game we saw was against my Atlanta Braves, and keeping with the trip theme, it was a pitcher’s duel. We had yet to see any team score over 3 runs and this game was no exception. It ended 1-0 when Rickie Weeks tripled down the line. One of the weirdest parts of the trip occurred during this game, though. It’s something I will probably will never see again and I don’t think I can quite do it justice by describing it but I will try my best.

Somewhere around the 5th inning someone lined a ball sharply into the first row. It was the kind of line drive that made the crowd “Ooooo” when it hit the stands because they realize that whoever was unfortunate enough to be in the ball’s path would probably be visiting the hospital later that night. Tonight, however, there was no hospital visit for the lady wearing a green shirt in the first row, only a souvenir. Since she was a hefty young lady, she was unable to avoid the rapidly moving ball. It drilled her directly in the stomach. And stuck there. Without bouncing. The guy sitting next to me leaned over and said, “Did that ball just…stay there?” I said it did, and he claimed that it was the craziest thing he’d ever seen. The woman looked unphased by the entire ordeal and did what any one of us would have done in a similar situation: she pulled out her phone and called someone.

After the game, I still felt like I was going to die so we headed to our friend’s house and went to bed. The next day’s game was at 1 PM, so we didn’t have much time to do anything beforehand. The Braves would end our streak of less than 3 run performances with a 6-1 victory. Mark Teixeira homered for the Braves and Russell Branyan hit a bomb for the Brewers. We toured Marquette University a bit and then went home for dinner with our friends.

On our last day in Milwaukee, we saw a night game against the Houston Astros. Before, however, we called the Bradley Center to see if we could come down and get a tour of the facilities where the Bucks played. They agreed, so that took up most of our morning. After lunch, we headed to Miller Park, where our friend gave us a quick tour of the park and let us stay in for the Brewers’ early batting practice. Dad picked up a ball and Jeff Suppan threw me a ball, despite the protests of the trainers (don’t throw him that, he’s got a Braves hat on!) before all was said and done. Friday’s are autograph days, so I took Dad’s ball and got it signed by Gabe Kapler. (yay!)

The game was a good one as Mike Cameron, Ryan Braun, and Prince Fielder all homered for the Brew Crew as they took the game 5-1. It was definitely the most lively crowd we had as several people around us kept us entertained throughout the game, but for very different reasons. The people behind had a little too much beer and almost got in a fight with the folks sitting to our left. The two guys in front of us were quite the opposite and kept most of the section laughing for most the game. I also won $3 during the sausage race off them since the Polish Sausage won. It was a personal highlight.

After the game, we got some sleep before our long journey to St. Louis for our final two games.

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