Don’t Worry

Okay, this is simply a post to let everyone know that Bryan and I are still alive and that we didn’t just disappear off the face of the earth, though I might when Bryan realizes that I managed to go five days without a single post. As you know from previous posts, Bryan has been out of town and hasn’t had much access to the internet to be able to create posts of his own while I on the other hand don’t really have too much of an excuse. I do however have some good news. Early this week I found out that I would be doing an internship at a local radio station, called KLWN 1320. My internship is under Brian Hanni, and the station also features programming from ESPN Radio. This summer I am providing the station with statistics for a segment that they are calling “Weller’s Wisdom” which is similar to ESPN’s “Did you know?”

My segment is on the air right around 4:15 every weekday. You can listen online if you go to their website and scroll down to about the middle of the page then click where it says “Listen Live”

This internship was the inspiration for the new page we added to our site, Daily Trivia. In that section of our site we will be providing a question each day, and answering it the next day when we post the next question.

In some sporting news, I heard that Rosevelt Colvin wants to join the Colts.  He was brought in by the Colts for a physical and to meet with Head Coach, Tony Dungy. Colvin passed the physical and also impressed Dungy who according to various sources has said that he wants Colvin on the team. Colvin was born and grew up in Indianapolis and played in college at Purdue. So he would fit in well considering he’d be playing for his hometown team and according to Colts would also fit in well with there defensive schemes as a pass rusher. On a side note about the Colts, Dungy said of the team’s recent mimi camp that there were six players who really stood out in his eyes that have made huge improvements since this past season. Included in these players was wide receiver Roy Hall, who is likely to step in to the 4th slot on the depth chart behind Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez. Dungy also mentioned linebackers Clint Session and Ramon Guzman, as well as offensive tackle Tony Ugoh, and cornerback Dante Hughes. The player that Dungy mentioned that jumped out at me was wide receiver Reggie Wayne. I say that this surprised me the most because Reggie was one of the best receivers in the league last year, so if he made significant enough improvements for Dungy to mention him among some second and third year players, then Wayne could be scary good this season.


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