Update on Bryan

Alright folks, it’s 2 games down, 7 to go.  I won’t be about to put up any pictures until we get back, but I’ve been taking lots of them.  We started our journey yesterday at 4:30 in the morning, which was entirely too early.  A stop in Kankakee, Illinois brought some new White Sox shirts, so we didn’t stick out at the home games.  I refused to buy a Cubs shirt, but Dad got one.  We ended up about 3 hours early, but drove directly to Comiskey US Cellular anyway.  We parked next to some nice people from Joliet who invited us to tailgate with them a bit before the game.  They gave us some pointers on what to do and what to avoid in Chicago and around US Cellular.  Then they promptly dominated us in two games of beanbags, but they gave us some beers and we went on our way. 

One thing I was told about White Sox games was that the food was amazing.  We figured we’d have to form our own opinion on the matter and spent the time leading up to first pitch deciding what to eat (The Angels didn’t take batting practice, giving us more time that normal).  I settled on a Luzinski’s Kosher Dog with onions and a Miller Lite, which was phenominal, just like I was told.  If you ever go to a Sox game, definitely have one.

We sat next to the Sox bullpen in foul territory.  It was a relatively uneventful game except for Vlad Guerrero’s towering solo homer.  I did have beer spilled all down my back when Casey Kotchman looped and ground rule double near where we were sitting.  The guy behind me said that he squeezed his beer too hard because he got excited.  I was a little sticky, but I didn’t let it ruin the game.  Anyway, the Angels prevailed 2-0.  Jered Weaver got the win, John Danks the loss, Franciso Rodriguez the save. 

After the game, we sampled the Chicago-style pizza from Gino’s, which was also excellent, even in the place is hard to find. 

Sunday brought about some touristy stuff before the game, which started at 7:11.  We took the train down to the Navy Pier and walked to Millenium Parkbefore heading back to The Cell, as it’s called.  Our seats were perfect as we were about 10 rows back from the third base dugout.  Jose Contreras pitched a gem with 10 Ks in 8 innings.  Directly before Carlos Quentin’s first homer, AJ Pierzynski popped to first and was extremely frustrated.  On his way back to the dugout, he ripped off his elbow guard and heaved it into the stands.  It landed two rows down from where I was sitting, creating quite a stir.  Needless to say, the guy who came up with it seemed very excited and I figured there was little chance of talking him out of it, so I didn’t try. 

In the ninth, Carlos Quentin drilled his second homer of the game, making the Sox walk-off winners.  It was pretty exciting, but I don’t know if it measured up to Schumaker’s walk-off against the Cubs earlier this year.  There wasn’t as much emotion attached this one, I don’t think.  It was still pretty awesome to see, though.  Scott Linebrink picked up the win, John Lackey was the complete game loser. 

Tomorrow, our plan is to head out to Wrigleyville early so we can take in the full experience.  I doubt we have as good of seats, but I’m just happy that we’ll be in the stadium.  Our trip is off to a great start, hopefully it continues this way.

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