Champions League Final

Tomorrow marks the biggest game of the soccer year outside of World Cup years. That would be Champions League Final between Manchester United and Chelsea. Chelsea will be looking for revenge against the Red Devils who won the English Premier League crown less than a month ago.

This is the first time the CL Final will feature two English teams and they have to travel to Moscow to do it. It’s Man U’s 3rd trip to the Final and Chelsea’s debut. ESPN has reported today that Ashley Cole suffered an injury today during training and his status is uncertain. The Chelsea website, of course, has said that Cole is fine and will play tomorrow. While Ashley Cole used to be one of my favorite players at Arsenal, he fell out of favor with me when he defected to Chelsea in a messy transfer saga. I won’t miss him if he doesn’t play but Chelsea will.

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has decided to give United some bulletin board material by saying Chelsea are hungrier than Manchester. There are two things that I can’t understand about this statement. Why would you call out a team on the verge of the biggest game of the year? Great, piss off Cristiano Ronaldo and his 41 goals. Wonderful idea. Also, what does this even mean? We’re hungrier? Yeah, Man U probably doesn’t want to win as much just because they already won something. They’ll probably just roll over and die for that reason. This makes no sense; Mr. Cech, you should have kept your mouth shut on this one.

I’m picking Man U for tomorrow by a score of 1-0 with a second half winner from Carlos Tevez. Chelsea is a little nicked up with minor injuries to Didier Drogba and John Terry, plus this new injury to Cole, which I think will be just enough for United to slide by in a close one. Got any predictions of your own? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Viva Italia! …

    O, they aren’t in this? This isn’t the World Cup?

    Just playin…

    Haha I don’t watch a ton of the premier league but I enjoy watching competitive soccer so I will most certainly be watching this. I must say I am pretty excited.

    Go Chelsea.

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