2008 NFL Schedule Simulation (Part 3)

Okay, here comes round 3 of this simulation that I have going on. If you would like to see the progression of how these teams got to where they are now you can see my simulations for weeks 1-4 and weeks 5-8. Also, if you would like more information you can see Part 1 of the simulation. Okay, on to my made up analysis.

In these past four weeks we have seen quite a few upsets and changes among the leaders, including many ties. Entering into the second half of the season the players and teams as a whole are starting to feel the desperation and pressure of clinching a playoff spot. The Steelers struggled to handle this pressure, which wasn’t helped by the fact that they faced two of the AFC’s hardest opponents, in the Colts and Chargers. In this time the Steelers managed to give up their lead in the AFC North and drop all the way down to third. The league’s two best record sit in the AFC South with the Jaguars and Colts, each team with only one loss. The Colts managed to survive their tough stretch in their schedule, beating the patriots, Steelers, and Chargers over these past four weeks, as well as a division win against the Texans. The pats stumble slightly in the AFC East, still on top in the division but losing in an upset to the Bills, unable to rebound after their loss in Indianapolis. The Chargers maintain their lead in the AFC West with a comfortable margin between them and the second place Chiefs.

On the NFC side of things some of the struggling teams have seemed to find their grove. The standings in the NFC North stay the same with the Packers on top and the Vikings right behind them. While the Buccaneers managed to keep their lead in the NFC South, they have to share it with the Falcons, who won’t seem to go away, with the Saints in third, who still haven’t establish the expected dominance in their division. The Eagles still reign supreme over the NFC East, but the Cowboys and Giants seem to have found a rhythm and have leap frogged the Redskins who now sit in last place in that division. In the NFC West the Rams got hot and are now in second and are right on the heels of the leading Seahawks.

Here’s the standing through week 12.

North South East West
Ravens (7-4) Jaguars (10-1) pats (8-3) Chargers (8-3)
Browns (7-4) Colts (10-1) Jets (5-6) Chiefs (5-6)
Steelers (6-5) Texans (4-7) Bills (5-6) Broncos (4-7)
Bengals (2-9) Titans (4-7) Dolphins (2-9) Raiders (4-7)

North South East West
Packers (7-4) Buccaneers (8-3) Eagles (8-3) Seahawks (7-4)
Vikings (6-5) Falcons (8-3) Cowboys (6-5) Rams (6-5)
Lions (4-7) Saints (4-7) Giants (6-5) Cardinals (4-7)
Bears (3-8) Panthers (2-9) Redskins (5-6) 49ers (2-9)
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