2008 NFL Schedule Simulation (Part 2)

On Tuesday, I simulated the first 4 weeks of the 2008 NFL schedule. So I am now releasing the standings through week 8. If you would like to see how exactly these standings came to be you can read that in my original post on simulating the 08 NFL schedule. From here on out I’m going to analyze how the season has gone so far, by making stuff up based the team’s records, but please keep in mind that I didn’t actually make these picks, it was simulated randomly. Again, if you’d like to know more about how I did this feel free to ask in a comment.

At the midway point through the season, many teams that were preseason favorites in their division are still struggling to earn that top spot. The Ravens have had a surprisingly good first half to their season, in position to battle it out for the AFC North playoff bid. The Colts and Jags continue to fight for first in the AFC South, and have established themselves as the two front runners in that division, which is no real surprise. The NFC South on the other hand has been full of surprises; with the Saints still struggling and the Panthers inability to find a consistent quarterback, the Buccaneers and the surprising Falcons have taken over. The Chargers have began to take the steps toward separating themselves in the AFC West, just as most would have expected. The patriots have done the same in the AFC East, bouncing back from their disappointing loss in week 1. They however do still have to worry about the Jets, who are hanging right in there with them. The NFC North is still up for grabs, with the Packers and Vikings tied at the top and the Lions right at their heels. The Bears however are still struggling, which is due in large part to such poor play at the quarterback position, by rex grossman. And finally, the biggest surprise of all has to be the NFC East. With the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants in a division that also contains the preseason NFC favorites, the Cowboys, many people were anxious to see how this division was going to play out. However, both teams have had disappointing starts to their seasons. The Giants defense is struggling without the veteran leadership of Michael Strahan, who announced his retirement just days before the start of training camp. The Cowboys have started to bounce back but are still struggling to keep a .500 record. This has left a Redskins team that has shown flashes of brilliance with it’s young weapons and the Eagles who now have a relatively comfortable lead in the division with a turn around from last year, mainly due to some free agency acquisitions, that have proven to be quite beneficial.

Here’s how things look 8 week in:

North South East West
Steelers (5-2) Jaguars (6-1) pats (6-1) Chargers (6-2)
Ravens (5-3) Colts (6-1) Jets (5-2) Chiefs (3-4)
Browns (4-3) Texans (2-5) Bills (2-5) Broncos (3-4)
Bengals (1-6) Titans (2-5) Dolphins (1-6) Raiders (2-5)

North South East West
Packers (4-3) Buccaneers (6-2) Eagles (6-1) Seahawks (5-2)
Vikings (4-3) Falcons (5-2) Redskins (4-4) Cardinals (4-3)
Lions (3-4) Panthers (2-6) Cowboys (4-4) Rams (2-5)
Bears (2-5) Saints (2-6) Giants (3-4) 49ers (1-7)

5 Responses

  1. This simulation must be rigged. No way the Packers are 4-3. Maybe 43-0 but never 4-3. You playing the right guy at QB? just playin.

  2. Yeah. We’re 2-5. If we win 2 games I’ll be happy. Maybe Donnie Avery led us to victory. Oh what’s that? He’s not good? Oh, that’s right, what was I thinking?

  3. […] season. Again, if you’d like to see how things have progressed, check out Part 1 (weeks 1-4), Part 2 (weeks 5-8), and Part 3 (weeks 9-12). And I ask again, to please keep in mind that I didn’t actually pick […]

  4. Hey, Nick, the Part 4 will make you happy if you haven’t seen it yet… the Packers bounced back and fought their way into playoff contention

  5. […] you want to see how things have progressed through this simulated season, you can check out Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. Also, if you would like to know the results from any specific games, have any […]

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