2008 NFL Schedule Simulation (Part 1)

Okay, so about a week ago, I tried to go through and pick all 512 NFL games for 2008. This task was hard enough in itself but I also managed to fail to take into account things like upsets. The results of this had eleven teams with 12 or more wins, and three teams with 1 win or less, which isn’t very realistic. So today I sat down to think of a way to take upsets into account in an unbiased way. So using ESPN’s first power ranking of the season, I used a random number generator to ‘simulate’ the games. I did this by determining how many numbers would be designated to each team based on how far apart they were ranked from eachother in the power rankings. With this post I’m simply putting up the standing after the first four weeks, just to see what kind of response I get to this. If you want to know more about how I designated numbers, who won a specific game or if you would like me to post the rest of the season, just let me know in a comment.

There were some big surprising starts through week 4. With 3 undefeated teams, one of which is a big surprise and 4 winless teams, including one of last year’s playoff teams. Top NFC teams struggle, while young players mesh quickly for other teams.

North South East West
Ravens (3-1) Jaguars (4-0) Jets (3-1) Chiefs (3-1)
Steelers (3-1) Colts (2-1) pats (2-1) Chargers (3-1)
Browns (2-2) Texans (1-3) Dolphins (1-2) Broncos (2-2)
Bengals (1-3) Titans (0-4) Bills (1-3) Raiders (0-4)
North South East West
Packers (3-1) Falcons (4-0) Redskins (3-1) Seahawks (3-0)
Vikings (2-2) Buccaneers (3-1) Eagles (3-1) Rams (2-2)
Lions (1-2) Panthers (1-3) Giants (1-2) Cardinals (2-2)
Bears (0-4) Saints (0-4) Cowboys (1-3) 49ers (1-3)

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