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This morning Matt Walsh, former video assistant for the patriots, met with NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell. This meeting was scheduled to discuss the eight video tapes dating from 2000 through 2002 that Walsh had handed over to the league, which showed the patriots illegally video taping opposing teams defensive and offensive signals. They also talked about what Walsh’s duties were for the team and despite the fact that Walsh did not have a video tape of the Rams walk through for Super Bowl XXXVI, he did tell Goodell that he watched part of the Rams walk through and then relayed the information to one of the patriot’s assistant coaches. Walsh is also meeting with Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., today to discuss these issues.

After his meeting with Walsh, Commissioner Goodell had a press conference and stated that “the fundamental information that Matt provided was consistent with what we disciplined the patriots for last fall.” This bothers me for a couple of reasons. First off, Matt Walsh provided tapes from 2000 to 2002, while last fall, the patriots only provided tapes from the 2006 and 2007 seasons, which Goodell suspiciously destroyed. These tapes from 2006 and 2007 also only showed the patriots taping defensive signals. This is bad enough in itself, because this shows that what the patriots video tapes showed could not possibly line up with the video tapes Walsh provided, because they are from different season and also show offensive signals being taped. But are we supposed to believe that from 2003 to 2005 they just stopped video taping signals for no reason? Nobody will buy that.

Hopefully Sen. Specter will push this issue further. Specter has criticized the way that the NFL has handled this situation from the beginning. Today on ESPN’s Around the Horn, Woody Paige said that he believes the patriots should have to forfeit all games that are shown in any video tapes that have been surrendered to the league. He went on to add that this would include forfeiting one of their Super Bowl wins, which he said should be retroactively awarded to the Rams. On the same show Jay Mariotti added that spygate is not over, and that it shouldn’t be over. An hour earlier on ESPN’s Rome is Burning, hosted by Jim Rome, his guest Terence Moore said that the commissioner’s press conference after meeting with Walsh was bologna. He said that he hopes Specter will pressure the league into further action, and that patriots’ head coach, bill belichick has blatantly lied about issues that are a part of spygate. Moore also said that he believes that the based on the tapes that were released to the press, which were shown immediately before Goodell’s press conference, he can see how this footage would have given the patriots a huge advantage, with endzone cameras, cameras on coaches, and cameras on the clocks and scoreboards. He said that with all of this put together that it would be easy to use this as a cheating advantage. When Moore was asked if he thought that the patriots won these games by cheating, he responded with a definite yes; saying that the patriots had to cheat to win these games.

Cris Carter said that he doesn’t think that the fine and first round draft pick was enough of a penalty. Cris Carter said that with what he has seen from the videos, he would be able to go back and play in the NFL right now, with the information he would be able to benefit from by seeing those tapes. Carter also said that he believed this was the perfect opportunity for Goodell to establish the same sort authority among the coaches and frachises that he did with the players. Carter then said that he believed bill belichick should have received a suspension. When asked how long of a suspension, Carter said he didn’t know, but that Goodell should definitely have taken more action than he has.

I believe that the patriots should receive further punishment. They should have to forfeit games. There should be further investigation by the league. I hope Senator Specter will spark this to happen.

This isn’t over.

2008 NFL Schedule Simulation (Part 1)

Okay, so about a week ago, I tried to go through and pick all 512 NFL games for 2008. This task was hard enough in itself but I also managed to fail to take into account things like upsets. The results of this had eleven teams with 12 or more wins, and three teams with 1 win or less, which isn’t very realistic. So today I sat down to think of a way to take upsets into account in an unbiased way. So using ESPN’s first power ranking of the season, I used a random number generator to ‘simulate’ the games. I did this by determining how many numbers would be designated to each team based on how far apart they were ranked from eachother in the power rankings. With this post I’m simply putting up the standing after the first four weeks, just to see what kind of response I get to this. If you want to know more about how I designated numbers, who won a specific game or if you would like me to post the rest of the season, just let me know in a comment.

There were some big surprising starts through week 4. With 3 undefeated teams, one of which is a big surprise and 4 winless teams, including one of last year’s playoff teams. Top NFC teams struggle, while young players mesh quickly for other teams.

North South East West
Ravens (3-1) Jaguars (4-0) Jets (3-1) Chiefs (3-1)
Steelers (3-1) Colts (2-1) pats (2-1) Chargers (3-1)
Browns (2-2) Texans (1-3) Dolphins (1-2) Broncos (2-2)
Bengals (1-3) Titans (0-4) Bills (1-3) Raiders (0-4)
North South East West
Packers (3-1) Falcons (4-0) Redskins (3-1) Seahawks (3-0)
Vikings (2-2) Buccaneers (3-1) Eagles (3-1) Rams (2-2)
Lions (1-2) Panthers (1-3) Giants (1-2) Cardinals (2-2)
Bears (0-4) Saints (0-4) Cowboys (1-3) 49ers (1-3)
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