AFC Draft Grades

With these draft grades, I’m not evaluating how much I think their draft will benefit their team, but instead I’m evaluating how well I think they used the draft picks that they had. The reason I’m specifying is because teams like Cleveland, Jacksonville, Oakland, and San Diego, who each only had 5 draft picks would be at a disadvantage to a team like Kansas City who had 12 picks, and while those numbers would effect how much a draft class will impact a team, they don’t however help reflect how well the team drafted with what they had to work with. You can also check out my NFC Draft Grades.

So what I did is I took each pick made by a team and determined if it was a reach, or if they got value out of the pick and then by how much. To do this I used various ‘big boards’ from reliable sources. I then awarded points based on how much of a reach or value it was, using negative points for reaches and positive points for picks with good value. Up to this point, this is how a lot of other sources out there would rate a teams draft class. This however is where mine is different, after finding each teams point total, I then divide that number by how many picks they had to find the average of how well they did with each pick. With some teams being negative, I brought the furthest negative number up to zero, and then brought all of the other teams up just as much in order to adjust making the total points out of 150. However, after doing this one time through, I realized that 8 of the 16 teams were graded with an F, so I then added an additional 200 points to all of the teams, leaving only one team with an F and having the final total points be out of 350.

Here are the results:

1. Kansas City: 346.25 = A

2. Miami: 343.33 = A

3. Jacksonville: 340.00 = A

4. Indianapolis: 327.78 = A

5. Pittsburgh: 310.00 = B+

6. Cleveland: 305.00 = B+

7. Oakland: 300.00 = B

8. Cincinnati: 299.50 = B

9. New York Jets: 286.67 = B-

10. Denver: 275.56 = C+

11. Buffalo: 275.00 =C+

12. Baltimore: 265.00 = C

13. Houston: 248.57 = C-

14. Tennessee: 240.00 = D+

15. new england: 215.00 = D-

16. San Diego: 200.00 = F

3 Responses

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